another yoga video

uh-oh. these yoga videos are addictive!!! :)) after the migraine problem 2 days ago, today i'm having a bad neck pain. i think it's caused by my harden sleeping pillows :( i'm not quite sure, but i wake up this morning with a very bad pain in the (back) neck. though i went swimming today with nataya, hoping the pain would vanish by exercising, but it's still here awfully :( so, again i searched via youtube, and found this exercise on the video is quite effective for the neck pain. enjoy!

dealing with headache

2 days ago i had a very bad headache. i've tried to lay down hoping it would disappear, but it didn't :( i could try to take a pill, but didn't want to. then i searched via youtube on 'yoga for headache', and found these great series by an indian lady on healing migraine headaches with yoga. i practiced the 'healing hand mudra', 'wrist & head acupressure', 'boat pose' and 'yoga spinal twist' before going to bed. amazingly, i think it all works very well because i could lay down with no pain and wake up the next morning feeling fresh, no more headaches! :)

this is the 'healing hand mudra' video, one of the poses which i found very simple but perhaps very effective. there are other 16 videos showing on how to deal with migraine.

later on, i've found out (via google) that the indian lady is Vineeta Gogia, a yoga instructor / meditation therapist from Noida - India.



i don't know whether this is super important or not.. but, errr.. because i've been featured at adalahkita-365 project! what an honor, being featured among other Indonesian creative people :) thank you!
PS: i missed when i was on the headline, eek! that day (08/05) i was totally off the internet. 
-edited 23/11/12 :"P

his first event

come, come!

last week, on 26 May 2012, i helped Sami with his first event. under the name of 'es.ka.pe', he participated in sMart Dialogue, an event held by Dia.Lo.Gue Artspace, Jakarta. More about the event, please go here :)

last year (under the name of GLUTEN) he participated in Locafore, he joined together with Oma Anna and friends, but this time it's his own, so i may say that this is officially his first event :P what he brought this time are surely food & drink, which are: chicken wrap, nachos with salsa & guacamole dip, nachos with chili beans, and the refreshing iced lemon mint drink.

the menuchicken wrap in the making!
the baked tuna pasta
beautiful collage artworks
printing on tote bags
night visitors

i was totally busy helping Sami from the time we arrived, did the setting, then came the lunch time, continued until the afternoon, then came the dinner time. wow! i realized late in the afternoon that i hadn't looked around and took pictures of other booths yet! so pardon me, most of the pics above are a bit low-light as they're mostly taken in the evening (that is when our goods are mostly sold out and had the chance to walk around). but i managed to bring home this pretty pouch and passport cover from simalakamma (the booth just next to us, hihi)

brought home

anyway, we really love the atmosphere, nice crowd and great ambience! thank you Dia.Lo.Gue! would love to have a chance to participate in the next events ;)

more pics of the day.


there's an owl in our kitchen!

good morning owl!

that was my tweet on a Friday morning. yes, there WAS an OWL in our kitchen! oh my. so hours before the sunrise, perhaps around 3-4 am, when i was finishing k.e.d goody bags order in the studio, i heard noises from the kitchen, like banging and mouse squeaking. but i didn't take a peep into the kitchen, instead i went upstairs, sleeping :D

in the morning, about 6 am, i went to the kitchen (our kitchen is at back-patio) to prepare nataya's breakfast & bento. then i heard some kind of "huuhuu.."-sound from the back-area of the house. and there it is, the owl, sitting beneath the water reservoir. eeek! i was stressed out, hhooow come??? while nataya was super excited seeing an owl inside the house-area, she said that it was adorable like some stuffed-animal -- --"

i was hoping that it would flew away by its own, instead it flew inside to our kitchen! and sat nicely above the top shelf. arggghh! so i didn't do any cooking that morning. and then we just went to school & work.

we came back around noon, hoping that it had flown away from the kitchen's shelf. but it was still there. argghhhh!

so i called the security to make it go. then the owl got stressed out, it pooped and urined everywhere in the kitchen. aaaarggggh! but finally the security man managed to take the owl away. i didn't want to know what he would do with the owl, i just wished that everything went well and nobody got hurt. so sorry owl, to make you caught by the security man. well you didn't fly away by your own!

and now, i am always suspicious when doing things in the kitchen, especially when it gets dark. aaaarrghhh. but i do wish the owl is ok now - hopefully :)