Happy New Year!

Last week, there were 2 national holidays in a row which were both new year days. Wednesday (09.02.05) was the Chinese’s New Year Day while Thursday (10.02.05) was the Islamic’s New Year Day. So.. I wish you all, whom celebrated one of those, a very happy new year! Best wishes for the upcoming year! (grinning)

Anyway, those 2 days were supposed to be a perfect time for a little break from this city life. Unfortunately I didn’t go outside this city at all! But Sami and I still had a great time anyway. We had several culinary delights. Started by having our lunch on Wednesday at Pisa CafĂ©, Setiabudhi, which was offering 50% discount for all meal, drink and ice cream on the occasion of their grand opening. We both ate pasta with cream sauce and mix snack (calamari, onion ring, chicken nuggets and french fries with dip sauce). And we closed it with a cup of double-flavoured gelatoes each. I picked the tiramisu and oreo flavours, and Sami chose the pistachio and caramel ones.

On the next day, after furniture window-shopping at Puri Indah Mall, we had our lunch at the mall’s foodcourt. We intended to look for exotic meals, which weren’t common at other mall’s. I had a bowl of Go Mei’s Dried Chilli Chicken Rice, which was very yum. While Sami had a bowl of steaming Afung’s Original Meatballs Soup with kwetiaw and tofu, which was soo delicious. I would never forget the rich taste of the fried oily garlic in the soup mixed with the salted soy sauce, the sour taste of the Pontianak’s limes and vinegar chilli sauce. Mmm.. very delightful!
We also had a try on City Pao, which were sold at the Imlek’s Bazaar at the mall’s atrium. My sweet custard and cheese pao was rather strange because I’d found out that cheese and custard didn’t go very well with paos! But Sami’s chicken black pepper pao was good.

Along with the culinary fun, we also had an exciting ride on the mini roller coaster at the mall’s Fun City, then went swimming at Cilandak Sports Centre in the afternoon. The day before, we also went to the movies to watch Aviator.
And here are some pics taken on those days.


Best Buddy in Bed

Caption: Ikks and I before going to bed last nite.


Old-Skul Rules

Last weekend Sami and I went to Slipi Jaya 21 to watch Stephen Chow's Kung Fu Hustle. My first Stephen Chow's, anyway. Sami likes his movies a lot because they're entertaining. IMHO Kung Fu Hustle is quite entertaining but I actually expect somethin' more. Well actually both of us had great expectation for this movie. Because Stephen Chow's are usually hilarious. But this one was just ha-ha, not a-HUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA-one.

Anyway, Slipi Jaya 21 is one of the rare old-fashioned theatres in Jakarta. The tickets are only Rp20.000,-! While Rp12.500,- on Mondays. The interior, the seatings and the tickets are all oldies. Including the slideshow before the movie screening.

"Welcome to Slipi Theatre"
"Please be quiet! The show'll soon begin!"

Cool, huh?