Kilarki Sultan Hanafi

a.k.a Arki is Echie & Aldi's first son. He's cute, cute, cute. Likes to fart on your lap, likes to put a frowning face (just like his mother), prefers to sleep although we are very noisy, and I think he's quite big for his age. He looks soo much alike his father with his white pinkish complexion and that haircut. :D
These were taken when he was 5 days old at Echie's house.

While these were taken when he was 3 months old at my parents' house in Bandung.


After deadline means..

1. A whole day internet browsing at the office
2. Could got home by 6 o'clock
3. Got a chance to meet some friends after office hour
4. Nomat on Mondays
5. Got to face the fact: the less work she got to do, the more she will play with her hair. Dunno why this could be very annoying for me! (-doh!)


Great Jazz!

Last weekend I went to The Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival 2005. Watched Tania Maria, Earth Wind & Fire Experience feat. Al McKay Allstarrs, Maliq & D'Essentials, Iga Mawarni, Andien, Sova, Ruth Sahanaya, and many more.. I had a grreeaat time! It was such a very nice refreshment! Great music, great performances (Fyi, I danced along EW&F Ex's W-H-O-L-E performance), great ambience, great crowd. I also met many friends. Unfortunately some of them were busy since they were helping out the committee.

I regret for just letting go a great chance to take pictures with Al McKay and Michael Harris. They were walking in front of me and all I did was just standing still, watching them passing by. Silly me!