Crash, Boom, Bang!!

I got into a small car accident on my way to the office yesterday morning. The car i drove, a Suzuki Carry minibus, crashed into the road devider. Luckily, the body of the car didn't damage badly. But i still felt bad, so bad, since it was Sami's car. Ouch!

I was just entering the fast lane of Jl HR Rasuna Said (Kuningan) with a normal speed. The traffic wasn't so crowded, so it was possible enough to speed up a bit. In front of me was a Mercedes. Driving fast-slowly-fast-slowly-fast. Very annoying. I was rather upset with that car. Seemed that the driver couldn't control its speed as well. I mean, we were both on the middle lane. As a good driver he should've known how to speed there, right? But I couldn't "warn" him/her because my horn didn't work. Oh well!

Then all of a sudden, the Mercedes stopped. Well.. ok.. there was a traffic-light. But it DID stop so SUDDENLY! I was extremely shocked. I automatically stepped on the break and swerved the wheel sharply to the left to avoid the Mercedes. The car became unsteady, turned more sharply to the left, almost 90 degrees, then hit the left road devider. Crash, boom, bang!!!!

God, i stopped breathing for a moment there. That was terrible. I just couldn't imagine if the car got upside down. Huaaaa..

Within 30 seconds, there were several men coming over me. Told me to get the car back into the normal position. People started to blow their horns because I was blocking their way. I got panicked, couldn't control my emotion. I felt that the wheel became as heavy as hell! One nice man helped me move the car. He told me that somethin' had broken, so that's why the steering wheel became heavy.

Then a tow truck came over offering his service. I didn't accept it, because I had some bad experience with illegal tow trucks. After a minute or so, I called Sami. Then I tried to drive slowly to the office. It was rather difficult because of the heavy wheel and it couldn't turn left. But at least I could reach the elementary school near my office and parked the car there, acrobatically.

In the afternoon, Sami came with 2 engineers to fix the car immediately on the spot. It didn't take long to have the car fixed. We left the place about 6 o'clock.

Phew. That was very traumatic. I am now rather paranoid being a passenger in Sami's car.. :(



Some kids in my neighbourhood made that in front of my auntie's house. It's like a huuuge painting on the street. Chalked with one colour. Red. Kinda reminds me of a subject (PSSR, stands for Pengantar Studi Seni Rupa~Introduction to Art Study) back in the uni. The lecturer, Prof. Dr. Primadi Tabrani, once told us about things behind children's drawings. Children's drawings usually contain the child's idea or imagination. They could also be "movie", narate things that happen lately in the child's life. And no matter how "weird" they are, we'd better appreciate them. Well, most people, especially parents still think that appropriate drawings are detailed realistic ones. So the sun MUST be yellow, it couldn't be pink. You know, that kinda stuff.
So, what do you think these kids are trying to say in their street drawing?


Rice Bowl, Anyone?

Hong Kong Sauce Chicken Rice Bowl+Lemon Chicken Rice Bowl

Had dinner at Rice Bowl, Plaza Semanggi with Sami, Tanti and Ario a few days ago. The promotion posters successfully made us go there. Well, the food looks good on it plus the prices were reasonable enough. But the dinner itself was not really successfull. Well, at least not as we'd imagined.

It was rather crowded when we got there. So we had to be rather speedy to get a proper table. And since no waiters helped us to have a table, we had to fight to get one. The waiter who got our order was friendly enough and had a fairy good product knowledge. But the service itself was a bit lousy. The other waiters weren't friendly and they were slow as hell. We were just asking for some chopsticks and an extra plate but they didn't react instantly. We had to ask for it over and over. And that was irritating enough.

Anyway, I had Hong Kong Sauce Chicken Rice Bowl, Rp10.000,- (not included 10% tax). While Sami had the "menu favorite" set menu which consisted of Lemon Chicken Rice Bowl, a bottle of mineral water, and a cup of Red Bean Ice Cream, Rp16.900,- (not included 10% tax). Tanti wasn't really hungry, so she shared Fish Fillet With Scrumbled Egg, Rp22.900,- (not included 10% tax) with Ario (who was officially in a diet). The rice bowls were not good. The rice was tooo dry. Sami and I couldn't stop drinking whilst chewing to help us swallowing it. Sami's Lemon Chicken was as hard as stone. No crispy at all. While my HK Sauce Chicken had no special taste, although it's more tender. The taste was fully helped by the chopped garlic spread over the chicken. I didn't taste the Fish Fillet because I had already lost my appetite. Tanti and Ario didn't have any comment of it. Seemed that they weren't satisfied enough. And how about the Red Bean Ice Cream? It was way tooo sweet! Giung edan!

Overall, IMHO not recommended. I wouldn't comeback even as a treat!


Turning 25

What so special of being 25?
Some might said that life actually begins at 25. While the others told me that a 25-year-old female is like roses in the springtime. Fresh, fully bloomed, great scented, and attractive. Ready tobe fertilized by a honeybee. Wihiey.. So the age of 25 must be a female's prime time of beauty and freshness, no? And since i'm reaching that age, i must be like a rose now. *wink wink*
Anyway, i was in Bandung on the day i turned out 25. And it was my Dad's birthday too. I've got a little present from my little sista with a cute card in it. Thank you so much, sista! :) And a blackforest birthday cake with a 25-candle on it for dessert from my parents after a casual dinner at home. Sami was also in Bandung. He had somethin different this year. Made me feel like there were tons of butterflies in my stomach :*)
And.. thank you all for the birthday wishes via sms, phone, emails, and egreetings. I feel very blessed that you guys still remembered my birthday. Love you all!