Crash, Boom, Bang!!

I got into a small car accident on my way to the office yesterday morning. The car i drove, a Suzuki Carry minibus, crashed into the road devider. Luckily, the body of the car didn't damage badly. But i still felt bad, so bad, since it was Sami's car. Ouch!

I was just entering the fast lane of Jl HR Rasuna Said (Kuningan) with a normal speed. The traffic wasn't so crowded, so it was possible enough to speed up a bit. In front of me was a Mercedes. Driving fast-slowly-fast-slowly-fast. Very annoying. I was rather upset with that car. Seemed that the driver couldn't control its speed as well. I mean, we were both on the middle lane. As a good driver he should've known how to speed there, right? But I couldn't "warn" him/her because my horn didn't work. Oh well!

Then all of a sudden, the Mercedes stopped. Well.. ok.. there was a traffic-light. But it DID stop so SUDDENLY! I was extremely shocked. I automatically stepped on the break and swerved the wheel sharply to the left to avoid the Mercedes. The car became unsteady, turned more sharply to the left, almost 90 degrees, then hit the left road devider. Crash, boom, bang!!!!

God, i stopped breathing for a moment there. That was terrible. I just couldn't imagine if the car got upside down. Huaaaa..

Within 30 seconds, there were several men coming over me. Told me to get the car back into the normal position. People started to blow their horns because I was blocking their way. I got panicked, couldn't control my emotion. I felt that the wheel became as heavy as hell! One nice man helped me move the car. He told me that somethin' had broken, so that's why the steering wheel became heavy.

Then a tow truck came over offering his service. I didn't accept it, because I had some bad experience with illegal tow trucks. After a minute or so, I called Sami. Then I tried to drive slowly to the office. It was rather difficult because of the heavy wheel and it couldn't turn left. But at least I could reach the elementary school near my office and parked the car there, acrobatically.

In the afternoon, Sami came with 2 engineers to fix the car immediately on the spot. It didn't take long to have the car fixed. We left the place about 6 o'clock.

Phew. That was very traumatic. I am now rather paranoid being a passenger in Sami's car.. :(

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