I went to Bandung these past two weekends. Been busy doing this and that. Preparing this and that. Hunting this and that. Buying this and that. Meeting he and she. Wuhuo.. getting married means soooo maaaannyyy things to do!!!

What?! Getting married? Haha. Yes!! I AM getting MARRIED!! InsyaAllah. This year, in November. Hopefully, it's going tobe held in Bandung, my home-town.

The last two weekend, Sami and I intended to attend a friend's wedding party there, unfortunately we couldn't make it. Because we were still in Pasar Baru, hunting for lace material for my wedding dress and my big fam's dresses. But we could still manage to meet some of my college friends at Dakken coffee shop afterwards, although we arrived there very late. I missed the best part of that gathering, because 3 of my girl friends announced their engagements. Wow! Congratulations, girls! Hope we could make it successfully, ya? :)

Thanks to the brand new high-way road (tol Cipularang) which helped us so much in reaching Bandung much more faster now. So we do not have to worry if we have to ga back and forth Jakarta-Bandung preparing the wedding.

Note: The above pic was taken on Sunday morning, 12 June 05, around 7 o'clock, on my way to Bandung via Tol Cipularang.

Backsound: Night and Day, unknown artist.


Fever! Feverrr..

I don't feel well lately. I've had a continuing headache for a couple of days. Well, actually for almost a week. Don't mention the sore throat and 2 mouth sores I suffered. And the pain at my neck, shoulder and back. Aah, a massage by Bude Sumirah (my family's massager) would be nice. Man, I feel awful. I feel bodily discomfort, as at the beginning of a cold. I've checked my temperature, and it was only around 37-37.5 celcius. No too hot, right?

I've doubled my vitamin C and milk consumption. I've also doubled my meals (teehee..). I've eaten more fruit and vegetables. But it didn't work. I still wake up in the morning feeling unhealthy. Oh, what'd happened to me? :(

Maybe I just need a very qualified sleep. A rest all day long in my room. Just sleep, sleep and sleep.. God, this headache is killing me.. Panadol might help but.. should I just start taking Amoxicillin 500mg 3 times a day?