I want a new look! Yes, I want a new look for this blog. Tapi ku tak begitu memahami bahasa HTML. Kayanya harus berguru dulu nih.. Siapa yang mau jadi guruku? :/


New Toy!

After a long craving for this toy, it's now finally in my arms. Hurah! Goodbye to the old PC.. don't get jealous of my new toy, ya? :D

I could now "work" peacefully at home and being wireless online at some hot-spots caf├ęs and restaurants. Hahaha, are those the only reasons why i had been craving for this thing?

My first project with this toy is the wedding invitation layout. And guess what, the due date is this Saturday. My parents in Bandung had been asking for this every time I visit or even talk with them on the phone. Meanwhile I was very busy lately at the office, due to the September issue's deadline. Thank God it is now over. It was such an overwhelming issue and made me stayed overtime at the office for almost everyday in two weeks. Anyway, the invitation is almost done. It just needs a little touch-up here and there. I'm planning to finish it tonight. Hopefully my parents would love it.


Sami & Kwetiau

I love watching him eating. I love watching him. I love him.
:D :D :D :D :D


TagBoard Message Board

Kenapa, kok kenapa.. error melulu dari kemarin? Atau cuma dari tempat gue aja? Dari tempat kalian gimana???