Yay! My first package for the Flickr FoodSwap pool had arrived successfully at dopiaza's place in UK yesterday. Now I'm waiting for my parcel. Wonder whom the sender is..


If I had more time..

I would like to:

  • Wake up earlier every morning,

  • Spend more time in the kitchen, trying new recipes, bake more cakes and cookies, make more fresh juices and salad, cook my own breakfast, lunch and dinner,

  • Go the gym more often. Attend either the Body Jam, Body Pump, Body Kick or the Yoga classes more often,

  • Read more books,

  • Create more accessories,

  • Watch those DVDs I've bought for a long time, but haven't got a chance to watch them,

  • Travel around to new places, both in and outside Jakarta.

Ah, I wish.. yeah, i wish I had much much much much more spare time.. Sigh.


Quick Updates

Friday, 2 September 2005

I was busy all by myself the whole morning till the afternoon. Started by cleaning up my bedroom, did some laundry, packed some stuffs to be brought to Bandung, then went off to Plaza Indonesia, to order a Cheezy Choc Cake for my Aunt's Birthday on 5 September and had a quick lunch at Chopstix.

Then I went to the modiste at Pasar Tebet to pick up my wedding kebaya for the reception party later in November. I was soo happy that she had successfully made the kebaya as I'd ordered. Happy, happy.. :) *big smile*

After that, I had my hair styled at Remaja Salon, near Pasar Tebet. It took only about 30 minutes to have my hair done. Then I went back home, had a quick afternoon shower, put some make-up, packed some other stuffs, then finally went off to Rumah Alexandra–Kemang by taxi. I arrived there about 5 pm. Sami hadn't arrived yet, he was still somewhere.. everywhere, going here and there.. bla, bla, bla.. Meanwhile some of Sami's cousins had arrived, so I wasn't there by myself.

Anyway, Sami's parents were having the "Ngunduh Mantu" party for mas Adit & mbak Lely's wedding that night. They were giving a small party just for their close friends and relatives. I was dressed in a purple baju kurung, same as Sami's cousins and mbak Lely's sister.

Anyway, the party went OK. Mas Adit looked OK in that black tuxedo. He called himself as James Bond (!). Mbak Lely looked beautiful in the bronze kebaya and I liked how her hair was done. Too bad I didn't take pictures of them. My mind seemed to be everywhere, I didn't concentrate much and I didn't take much pictures. Gah, I guess it's because there were too many people and bussiness. I didn't manage to eat and walk around pretty much as I was on duty as one of the reception girls at the front desk. The hardest part was informing the guests about the wishing cards. *Abis tamunya banyaknya bapak-bapak dan ibu-ibu yang ga ngeh apa itu wishing cards. Jadi gue harus nerangin pelan-pelan di tengah hiruk-pikuk pesta ke setiaaaapp tamu yang datang. Sigh. That was hard, hehe.*

My parents and my sister were there, too. They arrived at the party pretty early, about 6.40 pm. I didn't accompany them very much as I was, you know, busy with the wishing cards. I left the party at 8.45 pm, before the others, because I was going along with my parents back to Bandung. Mang Juju, my dad's driver, was a bit speeding along the highway. We arrived at my parents' house at about 10.30 pm, that means only 1.5 hours Jakarta–Bandung via Cipularang. Pretty fast.
Check out some pictures here .

Saturday, 3 September 2005

After a facial care in the morning, I went to meet Tante Aam at her house in Cigadung–Bandung. Tante Aam will be my make-up artist (duh, perias pengantin apa ya in English) for my wedding. She will be taking care of my whole make-up, accessories, hair-done, kebaya, etc etc, including Sami's, his parents', his siblings', my parents' and my sister's (and her partner) needs. She will be also taking care of every single details for the Sundanese wedding ceremony. We discussed about some stuffs for almost 2 hours, mostly about the accessories and elements for the kebaya.

In the afternoon, I had some chit-chat with my sister, Tari, at Daily Bread, Jl. Ciliwung, Bandung. We were catching up each other with the latest news in our lives. After dinner at home, I went to Nini's house at Jl. Suniaraja. It'd been awhile since the last time I met her. Luckily, I found some interesting stuffs at her house for my wedding party decoration. Happy :)

Sunday, 4 September 2005

Went back to Jakarta by train. I finished reading Anais Nin's Artists and Models, one of the Pocket Penguin Books, Asti gave me the other day via her parents. I arrived at Gambir at 12 noon. Sami picked me up, then we went straightly to my office mate's wedding (Prita) at Duren Tiga.

After dropping some stuffs at home and changing my clothes with more comfortable ones, we went to Sami's place. I intended to help him moving to his new room. So we spend the whole afternoon full of dust. Huk. Huk.

After Maghrib, we went to Nezza's place to drop some clothes and other stuffs for the garage sale. Then off to Plaza Indonesia, picked the Cheezy Choc Cake, and had dinner at Sushi Tei. No pictures this time.