uff, where have i been?

hi hi! such a pleasure to be back. i've been staying away from my pbook and the internet for umm.. let's say.. a month?! OMG. well, my life has totally changed since nataya arrived. i've been very busy with her. her early days were filled with changing diapers and breast-feeding every 2 hours. her sleeping hours are very precious to me because that's the time i could rushed to the bathroom or the kitchen or just having a nap. i got stressed at first as i totally lost my private time. i am fully occupied with nataya! the hardest part was the fact that she was a nocturne, she usually awoke and didn't want to get back to sleep after drinking at 01 am. so that means sami and i had to stay awake with her while we were very very sleepy. she could cry every hour, then we had to calm her down. after she got calm (usually asleep), we thought that we could go to bed peacefully. but.. oh, we're so wrong.. because the next 3o minutes she could cry again. OMG that was hard! lack of sleep made me more feel stressed. that's why taking a nap in the afternoon is a very precious thing for me.

nataya is almost 3,5 months now. she is now more "friendly" to me. :D she now can take the differences between day and night. she usually plays during the day, have a-30 minutes-nap for several times or an-one hour or a two-hours-nap for once or twice, then sleeps longer during the night. but she will still wake me up once or twice in the middle of the night for a drink. after breast-feeding she usually immediatly goes back to sleep.

right now, nataya has been sleeping for almost 2 hours. she could wake up every time, so i must hurry finishing this entry. i am now sitting next to her with the pbook on my lap while watching her sleeping peacefully. sometimes i still couldn't believe that this cute baby is my baby.. :P