nataya on a lovely sunday

one sunday she woke up very early because of the hot weather. yup it was early in the morning but bandung was already hot as well. she urged her parents to wake up with her too. but she only managed to have her dad going downstairs with her, while mommy stay longer in bed :D

she loves having her morning tea :)
morning tea

and later on before lunch, we went for groceries & DVD shopping :)
dressed up

dressed up

on the way


comfort food

comfort food
nataya lost her appetite these days. i think it all started after we got back from the pediatrician, who prescribed some medicine for her to take. (she got fever since last wednesday + a bit cough, but now her temp is back to normal although she still got the cough + the runny nose) perhaps those medicines make her lost her willingness to have meals. and this really nerves me up. she even refused to eat this yummy cheesy dish which she usually never resists. oh well.. all she wants these days are cheese, only cheese, milk, and some biscuits. no rice, no no no..! she could refused everything i cook. sigh. and that really ruin my mood in cooking.  
so today i decided to make easy yet comforting food for myself. like this dish, baked pasta with melted mozzarella on top for lunch, and instant noodles with lotsa shredded cheese for dinner. (yup, i know not very healthy..)


nataya's pink plaster cast

on tuesday night (12.05.09) nataya fell in front of the bathroom. we'd have just done with our routines before bed-time: brushing teeth and washing feet. her feet were still wettish when she was stepping out of the bathroom and so she fell. she cried out loud. i thought just because she was shocked of the sudden fall. but she kept on crying and seemed that she couldn't move her left foot. i asked her to stand up but she didn't want to. i was still thinking that she was shocked, not in pain.  

then, we moved to her bed. i tried to calm her down while changing her clothes but she kept on crying. she refused to read any books nor magazines. tired of crying, she then fell asleep.  

the next day, she still didn't want to stand up. she got cranky all morning. so we decided to take her to the hospital. she got x-rayed. then we knew that she got a small crack in her left leg. OMG. i was shocked. yup. and felt so so so so sorry. i was there when she fell the other night :( how come i didn't hold her when she was stepping out of the bathroom? :(  

the doctor put a plaster cast on her leg. she estimated that it could be taken off around 2 – 4 weeks. she assured us that children's healing are usually fast. 

here are the pics when the doctor was putting on the cast. nataya was a bit hysterical, by the way. she couldn't like doctors, hospitals in ANY ways, althought the doctor was pretty and friendly.

getting ready

anti-allergic powder + first layer

second layer: plaster cast

third layer: pink (!) elastics

all done, dear!

it's ok, dear.. we're done :)

after the hospital session, we stopped by to my parents' house to inform about nataya's cast. we thought that the grandparents' should better know about it asap but not by phone :D

a moment after

get well soon, nataya! :) musfi loves you :-*



nataya has been very difficult these days. she refused to have naps neither with her mom. she doesn't like naps anymore even if she is staying at her eyang's (my parents'). padahal sebelumnya kalau di rumah eyang tidurnya bisa berjam-jam, rekor 3, 5 jam. but now? so so so hard to take her to bed. our maid (who becomes her nanny while staying at eyang's everytime i'm away) told me that nataya would always called for her mom every nap time. and since her mom is away, she refused to stay in bed..

and it happened also this day. her lovely daddy was her nanny today. padahal dulu dia mau-mau aja tidur sama ayahnya. but not today. dan seperti biasa, ketika diajak ke tempat tidur, dia menolak, katanya: "NO!" sembari jalan ke luar kamar. Opens the door and yelled; " MUFSI!" but her mom didn't show up. so no napping..

jadinya pas siang jam 2 an, mulai uring-uring-an. dan apa-apa salah, rewel ga jelas. hadeuh, bikin senewen. tapi akhirnya jam 3 dia tidur juga setelah dikelonin ibunya. DUH!

yah, lumayanlah daripada engga sama sekali..

and poor dad. he was very exhausted today, karena seharian ngasuh nataya. jam 10 juga udah tewas.