batik fabric

these were the batik fabrics i mentioned on the last post. heart them very much :) don't know yet what to do with these beauties..

the actual price was 100,000 IDR for 3 pieces. lucky us, we got 110,000 IDR for 4 pieces

batik tasik
the batik tasik, 50,000 IDR per piece


crafty mood galoooore

nataya had a make-up class today because she was ill and absent last friday. since i have no lectures on thursdays, so i could do some me-time ;) at first i thought of going to the gym, but i'm thinking of doing something more interesting such as: shopping! :D

so i went for:
  • art supplies (watercolor & paper) at Yosiko (checked)
  • siputox -- for the overdosed snail on the frontyard (checked)
  • a birthday present for my father in law (checked)
  • knitting yarn (checked)

window-shopping at a large bookstore always makes me happy, and.. also.. POOR -sigh. the main purpose was buying A present for my father in law, but the 50% label on some other things was really attempting -sigh. so i made myself buying another birthday present (for a kid at nataya's school) and 4 photo frames. fiuh. plus a book about doing craft with your kids (Creative Play for your toddler, Christopher Clouder and Janni Nicol). gah.

after the book-store, i went to a mall where a batik bazaar is held. i thought of buying some batik fabrics for a friend as a farewell gift. but the batik tasik was so so so expensive, twice as much from the ones i bought at the last jawa barat craft expo, geez.. 

then i went to tobucil, looking for some yarn that match this wip shawl. 

the previous store (craft & co) is running out of the first yarn and don't have any yarn that match. 

luckily, tobucil have this purple yarn! yahooo! so i could finish this wip asap :) although it's a different kind from the first yarn -- a bit lighter and local (the first one is Korean -- 20,000 rupiahs per roll), but it's still ok and match laa.. ;) and i also bought a handmade knitting needle. both the yarn and the needle are 100% made in Bandung.

would the purple yarn match the wip?

tobucil has a wide range of local yarns (drrroool). plus they are cheaper from the previous store. only 10,000 rupiahs per roll. too bad i didn't take pictures. i was in a bit hurry because it was nearly time to pick nataya at school :P

oh i'm so in the mood for knitting now. too bad the illustration projects is the first point on today's to-do-list. i hope my watercoloring skill didn't fade away as time goes by.


afternoon tea with the ducks

(re-posting) afternoon tea with the ducks

nataya was still on her nap, while sami was away with his friends. so it was just me and the ducks :) 

afternoon tea is one of my fave moments of a day. how about you?

this was sami's first brownies ( i usually do brownies) and was surprisingly good. and later on, we had brownies ala mode for a late night snack.. how could you resist a piece of brownies topped with vanilla ice cream, fresh whipped cream and chocolate syrup? (sorry no pics of this, hihi)


gonna miss you!

time to say goodbye
remembering the very first time :D


her drawing

there was a time when nataya loves to "draw", making lines, using lots of colors, and wasn't afraid whether she was wrong or right, just draw, making lines, lines, lines, lines.. i love that moment :) and was hoping that she could be like that until.. forever :P

ma, how about my art piece?
nataya, 17.5 months

nataya's drawing (making tattoo on her hand), 20 months

benang kusut
nataya's drawing, 21 months

then there was a moment when she was afraid of doing the drawing. she prefers us to draw for her. she seems to be afraid of making mistakes in drawing :( and that was the moment i was a bit disappointed and worried that she would do that for the rest of her life..

little drawing
nataya, 2 years 8 months

but lately, her confidence strikes back. yay! she begins to like drawing again, and willing to try in drawing new shapes. she is an expert in circles, btw :) and yesterday, she could draw triangles by herself. she also could draw a happy face, a sad face, a shark, a sun, fishes in the water.. and some other things that i don't remember :D

hope (later) she could draw better than i do :)

showing off
nataya showing off her drawing happily, 3 years 3 months



got sooo many many inspiration after browsing here and there in this two days.. declare to myself that since this moment on i've got to be moooore and mooooooore productive! promise myself for using the spare time more wisely!

well it could start with:

1. finish the WIP (Nataya's Shawl)
2. learn how to crochet
3. learn how to use the sewing machine (it's been sitting right there on the table since years ago and i even haven't touched it till now. how embarrassing!)
4. start thinking about some visual identity for some brand, continued with the production and everything about it. target launch: APRIL 2010
5. slowly but sure: decorating the house using creativity (low cost-high look, hehe)
6. building a study room as a priority
7. involved Nataya in various art projects. so when i'm busy 'working' she could be as busy as i am :)

i am sure i can do it. yeah! everybody else can (which i'm sure they are in the same situation as i am), so why can't i? god, please give me the willing, the strength, and the opportunity! :)

be focus my dear, be focus!