the shawl and the earrings


hurah! finally! nataya's wrap-shawl was done this morning :) i must say it was not that perfect, but i'm pretty happy with the result. this is my first big size piece after the tiny pieces such as the baby booties and caps.

nataya's booties
nataya's booties, 2006

to be honest, there were many mistakes here and there on the shawl. but i was too lazy to unknit and redo it :P cause i'm sure people won't notice anyway :D and it's actually a bit oversized for nataya, but still ok-laaa :P nataya seems to love wearing it. and that makes me much happier :)

we went to the mall this afternoon, and the main department store was holding this big sale event. i wasn't interested at first. and nothing seems to be good on the bag & shoes section. but when i was wandering around the accessories section, monet was cut up to 60%. whew.

so i decided to take these two :D
new new new!


silhouette part 2

as i promise, here are the others :) ready to be printed (maybe) tomorrow. yay!


so, sami's got the varisela too. from nataya off course.. actually, since the last weekend he came to Bandung. but he went back to the J-town on the monday because he got some stuff to do at the office. in the afternoon he went to the doctor who told him that he was positively varisela infected. poooooor him. 

he got absent the next day, spending the first week of illness at home in J-town. after his body temperature went back to normal on the 6th day, he decided to go back to Bandung, spending the next extra week at home. 

man, his varisela was awful compared to nataya's. his body & face was fully spotted by the varisela dots. brrr. luckily, i've got this fever when i was around 4 years old so hopefully i wouldn't re-infected. *finger crossed*

anyway, i went lecturing this morning and nataya went to school. while sami stayed at home. i was pretty sure at first that he really wanted to spend the morning: resting a.k.a doing nothing while watching TV or DVD. butttttt what he actually did was being busy in the kitchen. and this is one.. (yes one) of the results: chocolate cake, which was, actually, made to fulfill my craving of one creamy bold chocolate cake. and it turns out, hmm.. well not really like what i want, but well, yeah.. not bad :) thank you anyway, honey :-*

made by the patient

i didn't photographs the other dishes: 2 cups of cream caramels, and dinner cooking: pokchoy in oyster sauce, prawns in sour and sweet sauce.

btw nataya was really excited finding that her dad was still in the house during weekdays. she was waaay tooooo excited. she enjoys the cooking with her dad, playing pretending and hanging out with her dad very much :)


silhouette part 1

i should've been doing my sister's pengajian 4 bulanan invitation layout. buttt, i ended up doing this :D and i think, tomorrow will be sami's turn. just wait ;)


new rug

the right one was found at Ace Hardware. not bad as it was on 50% discount PLUS 25% spent from the citibank's card point rewards.

the left one is the 'before' version, which we got from sami's mom. and there's also another 'before' version, which we got from a store in Ambassador Mall-Jakarta about 5 years ago and was used to decorate our bride & groom's room back in November 2005. 
so what do you think of the brand new one?

happy lunar new year

(found via poppytalk)

i'm not celebrating anyway :) just sending away some good greetings for all of you who's celebrating around the globe!

on the day we had: banana pancake for breakfast, baked macaroni for lunch, paprika chicken ala dapursaya for dinner. went for groceries in the afternoon after meeting sami's friends in a mall's foodcourt. 

it was raining all day. i think that should be a good sign for the chinese new year, huh?

closed the day by watching 'the tigger movie' on playhouse disney with nataya, who reaaaallly loves the movie.. 


it's only us

spending weekends

since sami is in town only on weekends, i (and perhaps nataya, too) am really really really looking forward to having him on the weekends.
we usually go out on saturdays: mall-ing, eating out, doing outdoor activities, etc. and spend sundays usually at home, doing various stuff: cooking, cleaning, re-arranging stuff, etc, while re-charging for the monday: sami's heading back to J-town early in the morning, me giving morning lectures, and nataya going to school.

monday is the hardest day of the week (for me). while friday is the, oh.. most wanted, hehehe :"> because he usually arrived home on friday nights :)

now, it's thursday already. and i just can't wait for tomorrow night!



i thought nataya's portable chair was the best :D
nataya's mobile high-chair
nataya, 19 months, Bali.

until i've found feedaway, a cardboard portable feeding chair from belkizsure it must be very light and handy. (via craftzine.com blog)

this product actually reminds me of ImageNation's cardboard products (backpacks, and some simple furnitures) from my hometown, Bandung. i've googled them but i couldn't find anything. too bad..

anyway, there will be another Pasar Seni ITB on October 2010. anyone care to join in opening a booth? ;)


hat & crown

inspired by dita (via the urban mama's article), i decided to entertain nataya in making one. but it didn't went well because i was too lazy to create something fancy for decorating the hat. i just use the newspaper itself for making the flower :D

see, it doesn't look as beautiful as dita's, huh? ;)

nataya didn't like the first hat very much, thus she asked me to make her a crown. yes, a crown. while i was cutting the newspaper into a crown shape, i wondered where she got the idea of crowns, dresses and princesses. i myself never played any princesses' movies nor read her any princesses' books. hmmm..

after she got the crown, she asked me to make her a dress (!!) which was impossible :P so i just change her t-shirt and pants into a batik dress :D

but the crown itself looks like a padangnese crown, doesn't it? :D 

then i remember that i have seen a tutorial of making crowns in the book that i bought before. and after a couple of days, tadaa.. this crown looks better than the newspaper one, isn't it?

anyway, nataya is having varicela aka chicken-pox since last Friday. she's getting better now. but we still have to wait until the rashes are ALL clear, then she could go back to school. phew. she's been absent for a week and i guess it will be one week to go.. be patient, dear ;)