wedding guest-book

this is the wip project i was talking about at a previous post. and yes, i've just realized that i didn't capture the original fabric in the frame :P
anyway, it's my first blog-published commercial project :) a wedding guest-book for Desti & Maman who got married last Sunday, 28 March 2010. i've got the order from their wedding organizer, Trik.
wedding guest book by KED

weekend shopping

bought these bangles at Royal Queen (offline) store last saturday. oh how i always love half-prized stuff :)
royal queen found 01
and also this wide black belt. 
royal queen found 02
then these tools at Kinokuniya Jakarta last week.
crafty tools added


bandanna table runner

bandanna-clothes are always a fave and all this time i've been wearing them only as fashion accessories. never realized that it could be also pretty in decorating the house, like this simple easy-to-make bandanna table runner featured on country living as one of their easy summer crafts (via poppytalk). 

photo credit: wendell t. webber



just wondering: how can they have those dustless clean shelves with so many things on it? mine becomes dusty very quickly. one reason there are few shelves in the house, too lazy to clean up regularly :D 

i envy jillian buechi's (via made by girl)


hmm i remember my mom had this kind of chair. and i am quite sure that it is now neglected in her storage room. ow yeah, better bring it to me!

qualicum chair by gallant & jones (via poppytalk)

coloured bottles

this is very inspiring, especially for me as a bottle junk lover :) thank you poppytalk for sharing :)

photo credit: Angus McRitchie (L'express Bistro) for Canadian House & Home


to amesh

wearing these, when visiting a friend last saturday :) in love with turquoise!

in love with turquoise

movie trailer

uh oh. can't wait for this!
"sometimes, you have just to get away with the girls.." –carrie, sex and the city 2 the movie


i've always wanted to have another color than just brown for (vintage) furniture, but never have the guts to change the original color. look at these. pretty, no? ;) 
from localismpoppy seed livingknack studios (all found via cafe cartolina).


new fabrics!

new fabrics

went fabric hunting at gang tamim bandung, an area of fabric shops, last thursday. i was actually looking for one piece of fabric for a wip project. but who can't resist looking at the others? ;)

will post the result of the wip project as soooon as it's done! :)



amesh held a garage sale giveaway contest a few weeks ago. lucky me, i was one of the winners, woohoo! me got a pair of Nine West's gladiator sandals. so glad :)


the package arrived on tuesday, presumably when i was not home, so the delivery man had one of the security men to receive it. and it was given to me around 21 pm when i was tucking nataya into bed. aand.. i was successfully overslept, so i managed to open the package the day after..

so glad that it fits me very, and i mean.. V E R Y well :) makes me wonder why dear amesh gave them away? ;) ..i'm planning to wear them on this saturday. can't wait! :)


weekend baking

sami is curious in how to make good muffins and how to make good icing for cupcakes. while i am curious in making cupcake toppers, inspired by Jacinda from Prudent Baby. so 2 weekends ago (26 & 27 feb 10), we decided to combine our curiousity by baking muffins, then decorating them with icing and some DIY cupcake toppers. and it was just in time for serving at my sister's 4-months-pregnancy pengajian on the next day.

weekend baking