something that we might forget

nataya celebrated "hari kartini" at her school today, and she got these to bring home, a plastic full of "hahampangan", sundanese traditional snacks. please click on the picture if you want to get to know each names :) 
and, batik was the dress code. nataya worn her batik very proudly, she really loves this dress.
batik on "kartini day"


picture framed

after delayed so long (it was printed weeks ago), finally i made sami hang these and this pictures in our living room.

our silhouettes

and i've just known that the original silhouette art was (literally) cut with scissors. you may visit Karl Johnson's, a silhouette artist who still practices making silhouettes by cutting.



                               picture taken from here

our internet went down for the last 3 days. i've complained to the administrator since monday but nothing good happened. upset? yes, but i wasn't really in a good mood for being bitchy in complaining. besides i spent the last 3 days mostly not at home (hehe), so it didn't really affect me much. 

yesterday morning, my colleague texted me that she had emailed me some new updates and new edited texts for a project. made me nervous because the internet was still off since the night before. so that made me became bitchy as hell complaining the administrator by phone. then suddenly the internet became normal this evening right before taking nataya to bed.

gosh. why should i became bitchy first to make them work? grrrr..

well, the good thing is, let's say it's a rehearsal for the Digital Detox Week on 20-26 April 2010. going to participate? read also this article, in bahasa indonesia or the original one in english.


weekend review

long weekend, easter weekend, and my mom's birthday :)

went out to a mall: lunch and hanging around with cousin and her daughter, J-Co froyo for dessert, then groceries shopping at a nearby supermarket, closed with a nice dinner at home.

daddy's little girl

groceries shopping (again) at pasar Kosambi, sundanese lunch at Ibu Haji Cijantung on jalan Lodaya, went back to the (same) mall to buy a present for my mom, meeting family at my parents', then went to (another) mall to buy something that i've been eyeing for a week :D -- will post it later :P

stay at home all day, sami baked breads in the morning, continued with barbecued lamb satays for lunch. closing the day with home-made chinese dinner.

freshly baked

satay for lunch

sunday lunch

looking forward for the next weekend, darlings 


happy birthday, mom

♥ ♥ ♥ from us :)


happy easter

photo taken by dr. quitti from here

i used to decorate easter eggs at school in my childhood when i was living in Belgium around the late 80-ies. i'm not celebrating easter, but i remember that the decorating part was fun. though the decorated eggs won't last long because after 2-3 days the eggs were usually eaten up..by.. myself, oups.


prudent baby

anyway, the cupcake toppers was featured on Prudent Baby :)