would you read this, husband?

never thought of this!

House and Home (june) via poppytalk

ya. i never thought of this ever ever before. but poppytalk's post really changed my mind. all this time i thought that hankies are useless  (i prefer small sized towels :D) and are only for grandmas :P

i think this could be a great idea for decorating the empty wall on our TV room :D off we go to grandma's house looking for some vintage hankies! LOL.


adding the tools collection

found this at the sports warehouse in a very interesting price. all i really wanted was the wooden needles :P
new tools

surprisingly this plastic hook and needles were sold here :)


life begins at 30

(this entry was supposed to be posted weeks ago, but i managed to do it just now, shame on me! anyway, just enjoy! :P)

30th + 56 th
23 april is my and my dad's birthday :) yes, we share the same date. and yes, we have many things in common, either phisically nor characteristically :P
me become 30 this year while my dad becomes 56. oh happy birthday to you, ayah 

after blowing candles at my parents', me and my little family went out for dinner. we were planning to go to valley suki garden resto but too bad it was fully booked :( so we went to its neighbour instead, the valley resto. to our surprised, this place is very very pricey now! phew. though the price worthed the taste and the big portion :) too bad i didn't have nice pics of the delicious meals as it was dimly light.

i also had a small celebration at the campus with my lecturer-friends by bringing this beautiful home-made (by sami) strawberry shortcake. glad that the cake was a success, everybody loves it :)

and the monthly-meeting with the girls was held a couple of days after the birthday :)
monthly meeting with the girls

aaah never too old to get some presents, yes?
goodies for the birthday lady :)


just write it down

write anything you like
i should've told you about our new black wall in the kitchen earlier, but nothing very interested was written on it. even these writings. it was just our grocery-shopping-list several weeks ago :)