accessories storage

o my god. i think i need this, and i mean UBER need this! hahaha. i am in the middle of re-arranging my jewelries & accessories and i am now half desperate putting them altogether neatly. i want them to be nicely look and the most important thing, i want them to stay clean: dust and mold free. this cabinet looks ideal, seems that i don't have to grope, reaching one certain earring, one ring or a bangle. very nice idea, huh? ;)

images via made by girl and also check out her post about the storage alternatives.

camera obsession

camera souvenirs

was sorting out old stuff and found these little things buried under the keychain collection. whoa. looking very vintage now ;) 

those camera souvenirs was bought around the 80-ies at different places. the red one is the oldest, bought at paris-france, the lens is already broken actually. then comes the black one, bought at california-usa (although it's made in hong kong, haha). the yellow, the last one, bought at madurodam-den haag-netherlands. oh, how lucky i am as a child,  i could travel from one place to another. hope i could do that again someday in the future with sami & nataya ;)

will keep those camera souvenirs very well to bring back good memories. and to keep me thinking that i have to do the traveling AGAIN someday! :))


art glass

nataya joined the holiday program held by her school for this whole week. on the first day (monday) they all went to crayon's craft & co, where they got some art and craft experience: making art glass. since the participants were all kids, the glass were substitute with plastic :D i heard that she enjoyed it very well, did the coloring on the plastic jar nicely. good nataya, that's my girl.. :))

she continued doing it at home on a different plastic jar.
the stickers as patterns. the kids filled the outline shape with color.
the stickers
the pens used for coloring.
the pens
and the result, not bad, eh? (though it must've been assisted very much)


hello sunshine!

yup, it's been raining throughout a day for almost a week. but this morning the sun shows up! yay! perfect time for doing heavy laundry ;) 

breakfast at home together with nataya; i had grilled cheese sandwich ala Jeannette Ordas of Everybody likes Sandwiches (found at poppytalk), while nataya prefers them without tomatoes nor onion, only cheese and butter. goodies for starting the day :)

as nataya called them 'toast'


sunday morning

sami made us some pancakes and we topped them with the oma anna's home-made strawberry jam bought at the craft days last weekend. the combo was goooood =P~
breakfast with oma anna
suddenly nataya wanted her hair made into some "bunny ears", so sami made her some :))
bunny ear


don't you love new + clean sheets?

new month, new sheets :P
it's almost weekend. love.