love this

let's make some origami! :) pic by fieldtrip via design is mine.


lucky me!

last week tarlen, announced at her blog that i'm one of the yarn giveaway contest winner. so i went to tobucil to meet her and pick them up. yay! thank you so much :) will do the paperwork as soooon as possible ;)
from tarlen

i've been telling her that i'm going to make some cute tiny baby stuff from the yarn. the stuff are meant to be given to my sister who was just going to give birth. well, she did actually, last night at 7.06 pm! LOL. and i haven't made anything yet. shoot me! :))

here's the new-born baby-boy of my sister's. congratulations! 


super mama

nataya goes to her pre-school every day now. and this is only the beginning of the second week but i feel already tired myself. i have to wake up earlier every morning now (i usually wake up a bit late on her day off) and drive her to school then pick her up about 2.5 hours later, everyday. no more intervals. boohoo.

hopefully nataya won't feel as tired as i do. on the bright side i could see her enjoying and being excited every day :)

calling the power! to be the super-mama! wooot woooot.

now what..?!
nataya on the way to a wedding on 11.07.10. click the pic for the story behind it :)


can't get enough

yeah. i think so. after the last post. now this. oh! jewelry display from blue bird heaven (found via cafe cartolina).


the sexy hippo

i know this may be so late :P so nataya has been watching madagascar 2 over and over since 2 weeks ago. i myself haven't watched it so it's my premiere as well :)

nataya's fave part is when the gank were taking off from madagascar to manhattan but crash-landed in the end. she hates the part when little alex was kidnapped by the human.

while my fave part is the moment when moto-moto, the sexy male hippo, showed up for the first time to meet gloria, the sexy female hippo. i think i have a crush on moto-moto. hahaha. yea, silly me! :D


mentioned as a good idea

wow. our black wall is featured in Spice! magazine indonesia, July 2010 edition. thanks to amesh :)

you may click the pic for a bigger preview ;)