dad + kid

astonishing. when i was busy reading something on the web, nataya was busy doodling on a piece of paper. i didn't notice. i thought she was just making lines or so. but when i closed my laptop to see what's she's doing. o my god. she showed me her drawing and it was pretty clear. not just lines looking like loose thread :P she told me that it's a kid and his/her dad. so sweet.
nataya's drawing

and it's not her first time drawing a dad+kid scene. a few months ago she did this, dad+kid whale. ah her daddy must be so proud :)
nataya's drawing


tik, tok, tik, tok

oh, if i could just stop the time for a moment! o my. so maaaany things to do while the due dates are coming very soon! ohhhh. *panic attack*

maybe this poster would help calming me down :D go-g0 me, go-gO ME, GO-GO ME!! :))
image taken from here.


tea party

table setting
invited the girls for a tea party yesterday afternoon at my place. unfortunately only 3 (including me) of 8 made it. while i prepared for at least 4-5 girls :) so in the end, we were really full having that many food ;) and they also managed to bring some home for their loved ones ;)

i did some baking and cooking with a little help of sami on the day before. sami helped with the cupcakes (using anna olson's recipe) and the chili garlic paste for the lumpiahs. i made the brownies with this recipe but i use less confectioners sugar on the frosting. and the strawberry frosting for the cupcakes was inspired by this. i didn't put any butter but cream, iced water and fresh blended strawberries instead. much lighter. both were good. the brownies was thick and chewy,  while the fresh strawberry frosting made the cupcakes a huge success ;)
sweets brownies and cupcakes
the lumpiah was a creation of sami and i some time ago, while the sandwich recipe was taken from this previous post.
savourieslumpiahs and sandwiches
i also made chocolate pudding (my mom's recipe) layered with milk-biscuits and vanilla custard to pour over (both the biscuits and custard doesn't shown on the pic).
cold cold dessert :) chocolate pudding


a bundle of joy!

a bundle of joy
totally agree with dindie. a bundle of joy. as she named it before in the e-mail about the package, which arrived yesterday. so happy! :)

the first time i laid eyes on these mikisi's products was at the crafty days #4 last may. i bought the owl lunch bag + peacock plushie but when i got home i realized that there are some defects on the owl print. bad me for not checking it thoroughly before purchasing :P 

but dindie was very kind of letting me sending back the lunch bag to get a new one :) plus i also ordered more:  a pouch and two notebooks (one for me and one for cousin). 

thank you mikisi, you made my day! :)