new way of saying

thank you :) 
we received this from oma anna about a week ago.

on nataya 
looking good on nataya. adding to her hairpins collection :P


happy birthday, nataya

nataya's turning 4 today :) the day went smoothly. she behaved very well all day. she seemed to understand that it's her special day and she didn't want to ruin it :)

waking her up with presents from sami and i: a set of play cash register and weights, some paints, and a set of 'how to draw mickey mouse and friends'. happy she was opening them all :)

nataya, 4th birthday
we held a small party at school with her classmates. blowing a 4-candle on a strawberry shortcake. actually sami planned to bake one for her but we decided to buy one instead because sami couldn't be in bandung in time for the party. so it was just ata and i (and her classmates + teachers, off course). but it was ok, nataya didn't make it hard at all! good girl :)

nataya, 4th birthdayhappy birthday, girl! be good, sweetie. be stronger, happier, smarter and everything. hopefully i could be there always for you watching you grow. love you, nataya!

nataya, 4th birthday
playing with the present all day long, over and over again :)

nataya, 4th birthdaythe goodie bag: custom-made pencil, sketchbook, pouch by k.e.d, a choice of kid's fave character (snoopy, hello kitty, kerokeropi, doraemon, and mickey mouse) rubber stamp, and small juice.


sibebo's flowers

to wear on eid mubarak day :)

i ordered them to wear on the eid mubarak day. the stripe blossom is for me while the roses are for nataya. after a loooong journey, they were finally in my arms ;) not to worry, it wasn't sibebo's fault nor the courier's, it was purely the error receiver :))

nataya's looking pretty in the rose, but she wore it only in the morning, as soon as we arrived the family gathering's place, she put it off :( and gave it to mommy. (see picture on the previous post)

trial, the rose matches the milk :D
this was a day before eid mubarak day, doing the trial, she wore it long enough :) 

and these are our outfit on the day. how about it? does it look good on me? ;)

selamat idul fitri!

wow it's been so long since the last post. so sorry :( but things have been very c r a z y. this and that, this and that, ladada, ladididi. huff. 

shame on me for sending this late late idul fitri greetings to all of you. it's been almost  a week. oh my!

anyway, happy idul fitri to all of you who's celebrating. may Allah SWT bless us and hopefully we could meet the beautiful Ramadhan next year :)

selamat idul fitri!
nataya and her cousin, alisha on Idul Fitri day, before going to sami's family gathering. and yes nataya is wearing one of the sibebo's rose pin ;)