pasta never fails me

spaghetti hot spicy
couldn't forget the taste of warung pasta's hot & spicy spaghetti, i made myself one at home a few days afterwards with some balado udang left-overs found in the fridge :P
sauteed some chopped garlic and kaffir lime leaves, stirred in the balado, adding some salt and a little bit of italian herbs and finally mix in the boiled spaghetti while hot.
the taste was um.. okay, still spicy and hot though it wasn't as hot as the warung pasta's. but the home-made one had some potatoes and stinky beans in it. that's because balado udang has them for sure and that made the dish a bit weird. LOL. never mind, let's say i was creating a fushion dish :P


my first bazaar

as far as i remember, this was my first bazaar, i think. well at least the first one for k.e.d (kotak emas design)--my label in designing paper goods.

together with ienk/rupa sulam, niken/sachi kids & home apparel, and rima, i openend a booth at the pasar seni itb 2010. i was selling handmade journals, notebooks, blank cards, and engraved pencils. though they weren't sold out, but (i think) they made a good response from people.

the 12-month-journal. block-binded with various handmade cloth cover. inside pages were designed by k.e.d, finalize with high quality offset printing.

the 12-month-journal. block-binded and covered with handmade leather cover. inside pages are the same as the cloth cover journals.

displaythe notebooks. hand-printed covers and hand-binded for finishing. one pack consisted of 3 color covers.
displaythe hand-printed blank greeting cards (hanging at the above line). one pack consisted of 5 designs with an envelope each.
displaythe digital-printed blank greeting cards (hanging at the below line). one pack consisted of 5 designs with an envelope each.

the engraved pencils with 3 kind of sayings: (1) do or do not. there's no try (taken from master yoda's/star wars saying), (2) words are sharper than a knife, (3) there's time for everything. turn off the tv.
the blank cards. the small square ones are off-set printed. one pack consisted of 6 designs with an envelope each.
made the paper bunting and garland based on this tutorial.
a customer :)
with vira, one of the happy customers.
and alfa, who also buy k.e.d stuff :) -- picture taken from vira's FB photo album

and finally the designer, the crafter, the producer, the shopkeeper, yup it's a one (wo)man show, haha. well with (a lot) of help from sami, thank you dear. -- picture taken from vira's FB photo album.

thank you so much for those who did stop by and purchasing k.e.d! forget to take pics of each of you, sorry.

and if you readers want to buy some of the products just comment on this post or just email me to kotak.emas.design(at)gmail.com. thanks :)


what we've been doing lately

the sketchbook for nataya's 4th birthday goodie bag was some of our trial and error in doing screen-printing at home. both of us don't have any experience in it. so after browsing here and there, including tarlen's article, we decided to give a try. and we like it! thus bring us an idea to make some more (with another design) for the pasar seni itb 2010

so since then, maybe since the early of september, we did screen-printing at home on weekends. besides notebooks, we also produced screen-printed blankcards/greeting cards. and besides the screen-printed stuff, i also made some 12-month-journals with cloth covers and leather covers.

so forgive me for the lack of posting. i am not very good in multitasking. LOL. cannot do crafting and blogging while taking care of the house AND the kid.

hopefully i could post more pictures tomorrow, when everything's done--neatly packaged, ready to be sold. hopefully i could make it ALL on time. hopefully.

meanwhile, this might be a kind of sneak peek. picture was taken on 19 september 2010 when sami was screen-printing one of the greeting cards design.
screen printing at home