happy birthday, you!

sami's birthday is actually on december 22, but we postponed celebrating it until he's in town on december 24 :) nataya and i had prepared a present for him, but nataya ruined the surprise by telling her dad (when we're greeting him on the phone on the D-day) what we had bought a day before. booohoooo! but cute at the same time. lol.

i didn't bake any cake, sorry! but i did managed to buy a slice of mille feuille from the strudels factory, his favorite ;)

the pic explains itself :)
the present ;)

yup that's the candle :))
yup, THAT's the candle!

um, what's inside?
"oh, what's inside?" -- fake expression :))

tiny birthday cake!
yummy cake ;) --ignore the tape ;)

family picture :P
of course, girl.. you can have it :))


cirebon trip

we decided to have a short trip to cirebon on our anniversary weekend (17.11.10 until 20.11.10). cirebon is a small city located at the far east of the west java, near the borderline between the West and Central of Java. you may google if you want to know more about the city ;)

we prepared everything for the trip about a month before (after browsing here and there), like: buying train-tickets for the departure, making travel-car reservations to get back home and booking a room-hotel. both sami and i haven't been to cirebon yet, and we do know nothing about the city itself (except from the internet). that should be very exciting! ;)

we went from bandung by harina train, a long-distance night train from bandung to semarang (central of java). the train was scheduled at 8:30PM, but it went off about 15 minutes later. 

nataya enjoyed the ride very much. she got very excited from the very beginning, she just can't wait to get on board :)) she loves her seat very much and enjoyed every minute of it: drinking milk, reading books that we brought along, drawing on the table-built in the seat until she felt sleepy and finally slept with her head on my lap. the air-conditioning was very chilly, so she was covered with 2 layers of blankets (and so was her mom, hehe).


we arrived at cirebon past midnight, around 1:30AM. since the hotel was just 200 meters away from the train-station, we decided to take a walk. after checking in, we went straightly to bed ;)

the next day, after having breakfast at the hotel, we did a city tour: pasar kanoman, keraton kanoman, cirebon harbour, seafood lunch, then having sate kalong for dinner. we went around the city by angkot and becak. nataya enjoyed everything although it was very sunny (and i mean VERY), hot and humid. so for dinner she got KFC chicken and 20-minutes playing at the KFC playground. well, since the places that we visited were mostly the parents interest, she deserved an award for being super-nice! ;)

(day 1) pasar kanoman
(day 1) pasar kanoman
(day 1) in front of the vihara
(day 1) keraton kanoman
(day 1) pelabuhan cirebon

pity, that it was not the right time to visit the keraton kanoman (kanoman palace). we couldn't get inside every corner of the place. we were just allowed to enter the museum, main hall, and terrace which was located in front of the keraton area.

the second day was started with nasi jamblang at the harbour for breakfast. it was damn good. everything in it was just yummy! ;)

(day 2) breakfast

after that, we stopped by at the pasar, then continued our trip to trusmi village by becak (yes, a 30-minute trip by becak. the three of us in one becak!). trusmi is a village of cirebon's batik shops and workshops. sounds boring to nataya, hahaha.

(day 2) trusmi

luckily we found a shop which provided a restaurant with a small playground, clean toilets and musholla. oh heaven. so mommy could do the shopping while dad and kid were busy in the playground ;)

tired of batik hunting, we went back to the hotel. took a rest then get ready for the afternoon walk to the bakery nearby the hotel, continued to the city hall, and seafood dinner at h.moel. we really wanted to try mie koclok, one of cirebon's signature dish, but the place was closed since it was Idul Adha. we went there twice. too bad.

(day 2) bakery
(day 2) alun-alun

the third day--the last day, time to take pictures of the train-station, continued with empal gentong for breakfast.

(day 3) train-station
(day 3) train-station

we had KFC for lunch, delivered to hotel, then checked out around 12 noon. and got picked up by the travel-car not long after. the traffic wasn't very smooth, we got in a traffic jam around cadas pangeran-sumedang until cibiru before entering bandung. but we arrived safe and sound at our house in bandung at 6PM. and it was sooo good to be back home :P 

after all, we all enjoyed the trip! even nataya. she kept on telling stories about the train, hotel, travel-car, and becak ;)

more pictures, check out the flickr set!

this used to be their playground

my grandmother from my mother's side used to live in jakarta, but because of this and that, she has decided to move in with her sister, who lives alone in an old house in bandung.

generation to generation has been living in this house. the last generation who lives here were my grandmother's sister and her husband. but after her husband passed away last year, she then lives alone in that old-style big house. a house which has many rooms with high ceilings, you know those kind of old-style houses. both my grandmothers decided to sell the house because of the high-maintanance, and moving into a smaller house. but they haven't found a buyer yet nor a new house.

meanwhile, they're already starting to pack and give away old things that are scattered all over the house. me? instantly happy to explooore the house looking for goodies to steal. hahaha. like these chairs ;) i'm sure no one would like to have these. see.. :))

3 stooges

this is the current living room of the house, which is daily quiet (no one's around). the picture was taken on Idul Adha day, when the family gathered around after the morning prayer.

and i got these from exploring! ;)

old stamp
old stamp

surely no other grandchild would be happy having them like i do :P next mission: the iron stamps! got the info from my mother who told me that the family once owned a set of those stamps which was used to mark the kitchen utensils. oh! very next mission! :))

cake stand

would this cookie-tray match the next tea-party i'll be throwing? hmmm..
cookie tray by mjolk (via poppytalk)