(nataya's fingers want to take part of the pic, haha)
anniversary dinner
anniversary dinneranniversary dinner
anniversary dinner
anniversary dinner



bento fever

ever since nataya goes to this pre-school, i have to wake up earlier every morning preparing snack for her to bring to school. i have attempted making cute bentos but most of them didn't turn too cute. they were just a mess and i didn't even want to take pictures of them :P

after many trials and errors for weeks, i decided to stop :P and since then nataya's bento looked just plain :))

then, i bumped into puan's giveaway blog-post. she was throwing a polling to choose the best logo for her new project: project obento. i have seen her (personal) bento projects for her children at her blog (and now on facebook, check this out!) and also her postings about bentos some time ago. i have seen them all right before nataya's new pre-school, which means right before the morning ritual of preparing snack-boxes. i really like all her creation, too cuute! they are all really inspiring :)

after participating her giveaway (and i luckily won it, teehee!), my spirit in making cute bentos for nataya came back ;-) plus the bento tools i won were very useful, just like i needed! thank you puan! :)

octopus with heart
trial & error (picture taken with mobile-phone camera)

bears? :))
not sure whether they are bears or cats :)) (picture taken with mobile-phone camera)

mickeysfirst try with one of the rice molds from the giveaway package

the giveaway package


stationery galore

this stationery shop is one of the oldest in town. i once visited it probably around 1998/1999, buying some ring-binder for a journal project (yes, i made journals since then) and never visit the place again until last thursday. after spending the early morning at the gym (which was just across the street from the shop), i decided to re-visit the store to look for some PVA glue.

i didn't get the glue. but i did got some nostalgia. very interesting!

old notebooks with interesting graphics on the covers.

old postcards.

various old rubber-stamps.

am thinking what to do with these letters, numbers, and writing stickers. and look at the old-style desk-calender behind the display window! interesting!

brought home
stuff i brought home! can you see the glue? lol! i'm sure the shopkeeper must be very glad, having these finally out of the store :P


morning post

i think it is already become a routine. getting asleep right after nataya got asleep around 9-10 pm. and waking up freshly early in the morning around 4.30-5 am. and this also happens today! on a saturday :))

sami's not coming homing last nite, he was too busy at his office. hopefully (i DO really HOPE) he could home tonite after he finished all his tasks today. i really need a hand from him for this upcoming event ;)

anyway, k.e.d will be participating at the Local Label Festival, held by Locafore - Art, Design, and Jazz Festival, at Bale Pare, Kota Baru Parahyangan next weekend, 23-25 September 2011. an event of local products bazaar and a jazz concert. all of them are free of charge entry. sami will also opening a booth together with Oma Anna homemade & friends at the food section. so pleeease do come if you are around the city!

meanwhile, this means extra work for me & sami preparing for the event. and like always, while juggling from one to another, between housework, k.e.d, nataya and stuff at campus. oh, God.. please give me strength! :))

i'll leave you with the Locafore's poster for details :) -- is it clear enough to read?


k.e.d on The Jakarta Globe

thank you Katrin Figge for the very nice article :) the story also appeared on the newspaper, last weekend, but i didn't manage to get a copy here in bandung :( but some copies will arrive very soon from Katrin. i will surely post it here as soon as they arrived ;)

the newspaper already arrived, here it is:
The Jakarta Globe, vol.IV issue 199, section c: life & times, saturday/sunday, september 3/4, 2011

eid mubarak 1432 H

hope you all had a wonderful eid just like we did :) nataya and i were very delightful that we had sami for the whole week :) -- means good food, lol. we spent the last days of ramadhan in bandung, went to watch Kung Fu Panda 2, which nataya enjoyed very much. she could now appreciate long movies better and didn't ask to go off the theatre before it ended :)

fast breaking


baking before eid

fast breaking

we did our eid prayer at the mosque near my parents', then went to my parents' straight afterwards. my father wasn't in his best condition, but he could manage to go along with us visiting our relatives in the city. and then, in the afternoon, the three of us went to jakarta to meet sami's parents.

eid cookies

eid mubarak 1432 H

i didn't feel really good for a couple of days after too much eating ketupat and opor. too much cholesterol, i guess. blah. but feel better after consuming much fresh fruit and juice.

selamat idul fitri, everyone! may Allah bless us always. amen! :)


small notes

hello. how's everybody? :) oh i am such a bad bad blogger. so minimum updates this past months :( 

anyway, life's been good. oh, i missed one update: we've been to bali in april, celebrating my 30th birthday there, such a blast. would loove to share about the trip. hopefully on the next entry :D. 

nataya's growing well, she's been more chatty lately which is a good thing, since we were a bit worried that she couldn't talk well in her age. she's done more crafty projects by herself and is not afraid of sticky glue anymore :)) she could do coloring better and draws more often, and could also write better. and not like last year when she just cried all day, she performed nicely on her preschool's farewell party last may as a ballerina. she could enjoy the party much better now :) -- will write about the party on another entry, later :D. and now she will be ready to go to another school this year, and we're excited as she's going to her mother's and aunty's alma mater :))
nataya performing as a ballerina on her preschool's farewell party last may.

anyway, amesh mentioned k.e.d on her article about the say-it-with pencils. thank you!

and have you enter for cocomomo's giveaway? their mini cambox are soo irresistible!

and now i have to hurry, i've got to attend lecturing at 9. and i haven't showered yet. ack! anyway, nayata is in jakarta, staying at her grand-parents until this weekend. a good thing for me, i could concentrate finishing k.e.d's projects. go! go me! :))


pink and black

aizka's birthday goody bags
aliya from jakarta emailed me the other day asking ideas for her daughter's goody bag. her little daughter, who's going to be 1 year old (last may), loves music. so she made 'rock and roll princess' as the party theme.

aizka's birthday goody bags
i made her 30 goody bags in two color combination: pink and black, with simple rock-ish ornaments at the front. an activity-book which suited the theme, some coloring pencils, stickers and origami papers were the goodies inside the bag.

aizka's birthday goody bagsaizka's birthday goody bags
aizka's birthday goody bags
the idea of making an activity book for birthday goody bags had popped through my mind some time ago, i almost made it for nataya's next birthday. since aliya agreed about it, so why not? :)

aizka's birthday goody bags
as usual, i tried to make them all by myself. very hectic at the last days. glad i could make it on time :) thank you for trusting k.e.d, aliya! and happy birthday to aizka :)


crafty days #5

finally. a post about the event! :D though it was weeks ago, but.. who carees.. :P come, come let's have a little rendezvous ;)
this year i participated as one of the tenants. i shared the table with a good friend from college, Rieninta Astari (Ririen), who brought along her cool hand-printed shopping bags and pouches under the name of Toko Malka.
our table
while i myself had k.e.d stationery displayed at the event. i also bring some new stuff: the fancy stamps, the newest serial of the say-it-with-pencils and hand-printed gift-tags.
our table
k.e.d stationery
k.e.d stationery
i really enjoyed the event, though very exhausted afterwards, but it was all worthed ;) it was very nice meeting other crafters with their beautiful works, talking with customers or just visitors who came by at our table, getting update stories about the campus nowadays from younger alumnus (both participant and visitors), peeking at the craftypreneur forum (really interesting), and got interviewed at the end of the second day, hihihi.
ambiencecrafters united
Angel (Paperpleased), Mei (Oma Anna), Siesca (Anything Sunday), Audy (illustrator), me, Ririen (Toko Malka)
and the second day's lunch: yamien manis, it was so unforgetable :Plunch on the second day =P~

then at the end of the event, i got myself these stuff :D
goodies from crafty days #05
Toko Malka's shopping bag, Oma Anna's apple and mint jam, Derrau's woodcut-printed badge, Ojanto's hand-printed fabrics.
and also this pretty headband for nataya :)
headband bought at crafty days #05
oh.. and i found this (keep on scrolling, hihi.. you'll find k.e.d's notebooks) and also this (scroooling, see the pencils, hihi..) after googling :P
more pictures of the event, please visit the flickr album :)


veggie stamp

i remember doing this when i was a child; making stamps by carving potatoes into letters or just simple shapes. to bring back that good memories, i tried to do some simple hand-printing with veggies on a linen, hoping to make new covers for the 12-month-journal

and this is the result when stamping with chinese cabbage's bottom. not bad. looks like a black rose to me :P
black rose

and this one was using a cut sin qua. looks bad to me, lol. it looks like a moon's surface or something like that :D
..no idea :)) 

i've tried to cover the journals with the 'black rose' pattern. take a look here ;)


when he's around

last monday sami took a day off, and tuesday was vesak day, a public holiday. so he stayed longer with us, not only on the weekend but got extended for 2 days more. yay! when he's home, he usually spend most of his time in the kitchen. lucky for me and nataya :) like last tuesday, we got home-made bread for breakfast, roasted king-prawns for lunch, and dinner.. err, we didn't do much, we just fried some pempeks from my mother :P

big lunch at home

in the afternoon we went to Bandung Carnival Land, a new mini playground in town. nataya got really excited there. when she knew that she could ride a vehicle more than once, she got more excited. while her mother got a bit worried on some vehicles' safety.

new (mini) playground in town
flying watermelons

more pictures of the playground, take a look at our flickr set.

oh by the way, last weekend, k.e.d joined tobucil's crafty days #05, which was really fun and exciting. will write about it on the next post! ;)


souvenir batch

ouch! this story actually happened at the early days of 2011, such a long delay, hihi. anyways, i've got a souvenir order from a girl who was getting married at the end of january 2011. she wanted the say-it-with pencils with a sophisticated packaging in a vintage feeling. i came up with some ideas, but finally we decided to cover the pencils in a granny chic feeling with flowery fabrics and lacy ribbons.

k.e.d for Laraz & Ari
she ordered 125 packages, each with 2 pencils in it. the saying on each pencil was (1) Ari (heart) Lrz are officially married!!, and (2) Ari & Lrz 'till death do us apart..

in progress
in progress
in progress
in progress
batch of souvenirs in progress
i sewed all the packaging by myself with some help from my mother. truthfully i am a newbie in sewing and i think this was my new commercial project in sewing. it went smoothly though the sewing machine got troubled at the last pouches, haha.

the girl, Laraz, was satisfied with the result, as she told me via sms: (1) "…Cantik sekali.. I Love it! Thx yah.." (2) "..Iya sudah aku bongkar, thx jg gift nya pokoknya aku suka bgt.." glad she loved it though i was one day late in shipping the whole batch (oups). but i made in on-time :)

it was fun doing this. though a bit exhausting as the deadline was pretty tight. thank you Laraz for trusting k.e.d stationery :) *bighugs*