on a saturday

we've promised to take nataya to kampung gajah (translated as elephant's village or `tempat elephant' -- that's how she mentioned the place) since weeks ago. we were about to cancel going there (again) since nataya suddenly got a stuffy nose. but she didn't got any fever, so we decided to stick to the plan.

it was actually our second visit there. the first one happened on may last year and  i didn't make any blog post about it :P when we revisited the place yesterday, we spotted new games at new areas and various new eateries.

the place itself offers various activities, both for children and adults. but the parents went there to accompany the kid to play. so i myself didn't think a bit of trying those adult games though it should've been a lot of fun.

nataya's main aim to the place was having a horse-riding besides playing around at the playground and having a bumper-boat ride. she did have them all though the weather wasn't really nice. it rained once in a while. so we had to take shelter in the middle of the play, not really comfortable, but no problemo, we just tried to enjoy it. besides, we could wait for the rain to stop by having a sip of tea and some snacks at the free-wi-fi-ed cafe :) nataya should've taken a nap while waiting for the rain, but i guess she wasn't really into it though she told us that she was sleepy. so she ended playing games on my cell-phone.

sundanese menu for lunch
peek a boo
bumper boats
the bumper-boat's lake
picking up strawberries
strawberry field

we closed our visit by picking up fresh strawberries at the strawberry field. the strawberries were surprisingly good, not as sour as the ones we usually got at the market. nataya really enjoyed the picking and loooves the strawberries as well, she couldn't stop munching them.

the fresh strawberries, picture taken the day after, at home :D