souvenir batch

ouch! this story actually happened at the early days of 2011, such a long delay, hihi. anyways, i've got a souvenir order from a girl who was getting married at the end of january 2011. she wanted the say-it-with pencils with a sophisticated packaging in a vintage feeling. i came up with some ideas, but finally we decided to cover the pencils in a granny chic feeling with flowery fabrics and lacy ribbons.

k.e.d for Laraz & Ari
she ordered 125 packages, each with 2 pencils in it. the saying on each pencil was (1) Ari (heart) Lrz are officially married!!, and (2) Ari & Lrz 'till death do us apart..

in progress
in progress
in progress
in progress
batch of souvenirs in progress
i sewed all the packaging by myself with some help from my mother. truthfully i am a newbie in sewing and i think this was my new commercial project in sewing. it went smoothly though the sewing machine got troubled at the last pouches, haha.

the girl, Laraz, was satisfied with the result, as she told me via sms: (1) "…Cantik sekali.. I Love it! Thx yah.." (2) "..Iya sudah aku bongkar, thx jg gift nya pokoknya aku suka bgt.." glad she loved it though i was one day late in shipping the whole batch (oups). but i made in on-time :)

it was fun doing this. though a bit exhausting as the deadline was pretty tight. thank you Laraz for trusting k.e.d stationery :) *bighugs* 


yay! i've got the names of the giveaway winner already. nataya helped me last night picking them up randomly.

the first name was..

of monsterijo's doodle

who will get the second set (patterned 12-month-journal and say-it-with pencils).

and the second name was..
who will get the first set (stripes 12-month-journal and traditional-toys greeting cards).

yay! congratulations winners! ;) i will wait until tomorrow (wednesday) at 12 PM for you to claim the prize, otherwise i (err, nataya tobe exact..) will pick up another name. please email me via kotak.emas.design(at)gmail.com. thank you ;)

and for those who didn't win, no worries.. better luck next time! ;) thank you all for participating, really appreciate it. *hugs*

UPDATE: since Lana (the winner of the first set) didn't claim until last night, i decided to pick another winner. and the new name was... *drum rolls*
who will get the first set (stripes 12-month-journal and traditional-toys greeting cards).

congratulations! please email me at kotak.emas.design(at)gmail.com, anindita! i will wait until today at 12 PM. thanks :)

(more) UPDATES: anindita wrote about the giveaway on her blog. yay. big thanks!


belly painting

one of my besties, Kirana -- a make-up artist, asked me to draw on her bump for her personal maternity photo-shoot. i wasn't really sure what to draw or paint. though i'm a graphic designer, i'm not really good in drawing nor painting, lol.

she told me i could paint anything i like/want, but i know that deep down inside she wanted me to paint a neat tribal (oh well -__-") well, actually i did, but i wasn't really happy with the result, so i won't show it off here :P but, i was quite happy with the other one, this simple painting :)

what to draw?
make-up time

anyway, Kirana gave birth to her second child on April 3, 2011, 6 days after the photo-session. it was a baby girl, named Refana Ayesa. Picture taken from Farry's (the dad) facebook :)

is that reaally youuu?

featured on Genie, a local tabloid, last week's edition 1-7 April 2011. thank you for Rahmi (writer) & Rahmat (photographer) who came along the way to my place in Bandung :)


april 2011 giveaway

oh how i love april :) april could be so special because of (#01) my birthday (!), (#02) both my parents were born in april, (#03) their wedding anniversary is also in april, and (#04) my sister's wedding anniversary is, too! so we have so much celebration in april :)

giveaway april 2011
this year i would love to throw a giveaway for you dear readers. i will be giving away 2 sets of k.e.d stationery. the first set includes the stripes-12-month journal and the traditional-toys greeting cards. while the second set are the pattern-12-month journal and the say-it-with pencils.

if you are interested, all you have to do is (#01) become a follower of this blog (if you have, thank you so much) and then (#02) tell me whether you like (or not) writing down your daily schedules or journals, why? and since when?, and then (#03) would you please tell me which k.e.d's product you like most and why. simply by leaving your comment at this post. 

the giveaway will be closed on 22.04.11 12.00 PM right before my birthday. i will pick up 2 winners randomly and announced it here hopefully on my birthday 23.04.11. regretfully, this giveaway is for indonesian's residence only :)

good luck! ;)

sunday at home

breakfast: pancakes, hot choco and hot tea. i remember this recipe, so i asked sami to make half of the pancake batter into crepes batter :P easy to do, just add (for example) one tablespoon of milk for one tablespoon of batter :) 

and this is how my ham and egg square crepes turned out to be.. 
breakfast on sunday

geez looked awfully embarasing, no? compared to kate's here. lol. will try to make this again someday :)) picture taken from here.

lunch: fresh home-made pasta with garlic buttered prawn by sami :)
lunch on sunday

tea time: lemon crepes, recipe from MSL Indonesia January 2011.
tea-time on sunday