april 2011 giveaway

oh how i love april :) april could be so special because of (#01) my birthday (!), (#02) both my parents were born in april, (#03) their wedding anniversary is also in april, and (#04) my sister's wedding anniversary is, too! so we have so much celebration in april :)

giveaway april 2011
this year i would love to throw a giveaway for you dear readers. i will be giving away 2 sets of k.e.d stationery. the first set includes the stripes-12-month journal and the traditional-toys greeting cards. while the second set are the pattern-12-month journal and the say-it-with pencils.

if you are interested, all you have to do is (#01) become a follower of this blog (if you have, thank you so much) and then (#02) tell me whether you like (or not) writing down your daily schedules or journals, why? and since when?, and then (#03) would you please tell me which k.e.d's product you like most and why. simply by leaving your comment at this post. 

the giveaway will be closed on 22.04.11 12.00 PM right before my birthday. i will pick up 2 winners randomly and announced it here hopefully on my birthday 23.04.11. regretfully, this giveaway is for indonesian's residence only :)

good luck! ;)


  1. ikooooot!
    1. been a follower
    2. schedule gak sih, ideas more like :)
    3. say it w pencil donggggggg

  2. eh, ada amesh :)

    1. udah. baru aja.
    2. good idea. gotta start doing it.
    3. yang customized leather cover.

    mudah2an dapet yang gratis, soalnya klo beli pasti harganya udah naik sekarang. baru masuk GENIE sih :D

  3. 1. on and off follower. tapi skarang udah subscribe rss feed-nya jadi bakal jadi follower serius :P
    2. lebih sering to do list... hikss
    3. aku mau pensiiiiiillll

  4. ikuuuttt :D

    1) just did
    2) yes, since forever, cos I'm forgetful and hate missing deadlines or appointments
    3) the vintage design greeting cards, which I bought from you at Pasar Seni 2010, because they're simply cool! :D

    Can I have the pink pattern journal combined with the greeting cards, pleeeaasse...? No? Okay, I choose the.. um.. the 1st set!

  5. 1. not yet :)
    2. yes, selalu nulis, dari sejak kapan ya, SMA ato kuliah mungkin yaaa :D
    3. stripes journal +greeting card :D

  6. 1) udah jadi follower, barusan, hehe,,
    2) mm, kalau ga salah udah nulis jurnal dari SMP. selalu nulis jurnal untuk memastikan tidak ada kegiatan atau tugas yang terlewat
    3) suka leather covered journal yang ada nama kitanya, sangat personal :)

    kalau menang, aku mau yang paket 2 ya mbak asri, aku suka nulis pake pensil soalnya,, makasih,,

  7. Hiii..me wanna join this giveaway ^__^

    1)Already become a follower
    2)I dont write daily schedules but i always write down my to do list, my wish list and monthly expenses
    3)My k.e.d's fav product is the digital-printed greeting cards, because i love to leave lil message to my family, office mate or when i'm sending gifts to my besties.
    So with this cute cards, they still can keep it and display it however they like.


  8. me waant those giveaway :D

    (1). already follower. see, right there :D
    (2). absolutely yes, because i loooove to write using pen and note, kinda have different sensations rather than write on cellphone, beside i'm forgetful and sloppy person soo i have to write down everything
    (3). 12 month journal, both leather-cover and cloth-cover. i love simply design :)

    good luck for me :D

  9. (#01) become a follower of this blog.
    ALREADY DONE !!! (:

    (#02) tell me whether you like (or not) writing down your daily schedules or journals, why? and since when?
    i like writing my daily schedule since elementary school. i love writing berry munch. it useful to organize my activity, to arrange my duty and also become a great reminder.

    (#03) would you please tell me which k.e.d's product you like most and why?
    customized leather cover. <3
    it's very unique, we can have our own name typed on it. nobody have it except US. really valuable stuff to keep.. (:

  10. Yippiee!! A chance for freebies!

    (1) Listed! It's amazing what I'll do for freebies khihihihi...

    (2) Since highschool. I've be-cousined Forgetful Jones from Sesame St. I started since I found some cool yearly diaries that are a lot of fun to use. I still do it because I always forget what I did or should do. So it's always good to write it down.

    (3) the yearly diary, but not because it's the only product I have so far. I love the weekly pages because there's more space weekends than weekdays. You clearly know which days are the most important to plan about, Woohoo!!!!!

  11. (#01) yay, i followed you! :)

    (#02) i loove writing on a journal, diary, scheduler, whatever it is you name it! i really have to buy a journal every year since i was junior high. it makes me feel safe and fun!

    (#03) the most ked's design i love is the pattern 12 month journal. the patterns are so unique, sophisticated and also fun. everybody said that mine is so cute *yayyy!* and they are amazed when i said that the journal is made in indonesia :) :) proud of it :) :)

  12. ikottt gw suka yang berbau free dan handmade hihihi

    1) segera mem follow setelah menulis comment

    2) sejak tahun 2009 karena diberi agenda oleh suami (yg well-organized person), dan tiap tahun sekarang punya agenda :D

    3) 12 month journal motif batik - gag perna liat journal sampul batik sih, keren!

  13. 1) just did. hehe

    2) since 2007 - now
    why? cause i'm a well-planned person. i write my thought, ideas, and plans on my journal. every year i write down my target (and fight to reach that :p). i love to learn new things, so i have monthly target (it's more simple and easy than the annual target). i also write my schedule. i'm not spontaneous enough, so i need to write down my plan before i do something.

    3) the 12 month journal! i often found 12 month journal at stationary store, but i never found a journal with artsy and unique touch like these before.

    cheers :)

  14. salam kenal mba asri. saya tau blog ini dr genie edisi 37-tahun VII. begitu meluncur eh ternyata ada giveawaynya. sekalian aja saya ikutan ya mba.
    1. saya udh follower
    2. saya suka menuliskan semua schedul saya sejak SMA (1997) biar tak ada yg terlewatkan
    3. saya suka 12-month journal batik cover. Indonesia banget!


  15. 1. done
    2. nulis jurnal and schedule dari sma tapi angot-angotan....
    3.suka sama jurnal yang stripes

  16. dear all! thank you so much for participating. i appreciate it very much. the lucky winners have been announced, check here. for those who didn't win, don't be sad :) better luck next time! ;)