veggie stamp

i remember doing this when i was a child; making stamps by carving potatoes into letters or just simple shapes. to bring back that good memories, i tried to do some simple hand-printing with veggies on a linen, hoping to make new covers for the 12-month-journal

and this is the result when stamping with chinese cabbage's bottom. not bad. looks like a black rose to me :P
black rose

and this one was using a cut sin qua. looks bad to me, lol. it looks like a moon's surface or something like that :D
..no idea :)) 

i've tried to cover the journals with the 'black rose' pattern. take a look here ;)


when he's around

last monday sami took a day off, and tuesday was vesak day, a public holiday. so he stayed longer with us, not only on the weekend but got extended for 2 days more. yay! when he's home, he usually spend most of his time in the kitchen. lucky for me and nataya :) like last tuesday, we got home-made bread for breakfast, roasted king-prawns for lunch, and dinner.. err, we didn't do much, we just fried some pempeks from my mother :P

big lunch at home

in the afternoon we went to Bandung Carnival Land, a new mini playground in town. nataya got really excited there. when she knew that she could ride a vehicle more than once, she got more excited. while her mother got a bit worried on some vehicles' safety.

new (mini) playground in town
flying watermelons

more pictures of the playground, take a look at our flickr set.

oh by the way, last weekend, k.e.d joined tobucil's crafty days #05, which was really fun and exciting. will write about it on the next post! ;)