pink and black

aizka's birthday goody bags
aliya from jakarta emailed me the other day asking ideas for her daughter's goody bag. her little daughter, who's going to be 1 year old (last may), loves music. so she made 'rock and roll princess' as the party theme.

aizka's birthday goody bags
i made her 30 goody bags in two color combination: pink and black, with simple rock-ish ornaments at the front. an activity-book which suited the theme, some coloring pencils, stickers and origami papers were the goodies inside the bag.

aizka's birthday goody bagsaizka's birthday goody bags
aizka's birthday goody bags
the idea of making an activity book for birthday goody bags had popped through my mind some time ago, i almost made it for nataya's next birthday. since aliya agreed about it, so why not? :)

aizka's birthday goody bags
as usual, i tried to make them all by myself. very hectic at the last days. glad i could make it on time :) thank you for trusting k.e.d, aliya! and happy birthday to aizka :)


crafty days #5

finally. a post about the event! :D though it was weeks ago, but.. who carees.. :P come, come let's have a little rendezvous ;)
this year i participated as one of the tenants. i shared the table with a good friend from college, Rieninta Astari (Ririen), who brought along her cool hand-printed shopping bags and pouches under the name of Toko Malka.
our table
while i myself had k.e.d stationery displayed at the event. i also bring some new stuff: the fancy stamps, the newest serial of the say-it-with-pencils and hand-printed gift-tags.
our table
k.e.d stationery
k.e.d stationery
i really enjoyed the event, though very exhausted afterwards, but it was all worthed ;) it was very nice meeting other crafters with their beautiful works, talking with customers or just visitors who came by at our table, getting update stories about the campus nowadays from younger alumnus (both participant and visitors), peeking at the craftypreneur forum (really interesting), and got interviewed at the end of the second day, hihihi.
ambiencecrafters united
Angel (Paperpleased), Mei (Oma Anna), Siesca (Anything Sunday), Audy (illustrator), me, Ririen (Toko Malka)
and the second day's lunch: yamien manis, it was so unforgetable :Plunch on the second day =P~

then at the end of the event, i got myself these stuff :D
goodies from crafty days #05
Toko Malka's shopping bag, Oma Anna's apple and mint jam, Derrau's woodcut-printed badge, Ojanto's hand-printed fabrics.
and also this pretty headband for nataya :)
headband bought at crafty days #05
oh.. and i found this (keep on scrolling, hihi.. you'll find k.e.d's notebooks) and also this (scroooling, see the pencils, hihi..) after googling :P
more pictures of the event, please visit the flickr album :)