small notes

hello. how's everybody? :) oh i am such a bad bad blogger. so minimum updates this past months :( 

anyway, life's been good. oh, i missed one update: we've been to bali in april, celebrating my 30th birthday there, such a blast. would loove to share about the trip. hopefully on the next entry :D. 

nataya's growing well, she's been more chatty lately which is a good thing, since we were a bit worried that she couldn't talk well in her age. she's done more crafty projects by herself and is not afraid of sticky glue anymore :)) she could do coloring better and draws more often, and could also write better. and not like last year when she just cried all day, she performed nicely on her preschool's farewell party last may as a ballerina. she could enjoy the party much better now :) -- will write about the party on another entry, later :D. and now she will be ready to go to another school this year, and we're excited as she's going to her mother's and aunty's alma mater :))
nataya performing as a ballerina on her preschool's farewell party last may.

anyway, amesh mentioned k.e.d on her article about the say-it-with pencils. thank you!

and have you enter for cocomomo's giveaway? their mini cambox are soo irresistible!

and now i have to hurry, i've got to attend lecturing at 9. and i haven't showered yet. ack! anyway, nayata is in jakarta, staying at her grand-parents until this weekend. a good thing for me, i could concentrate finishing k.e.d's projects. go! go me! :))