stationery galore

this stationery shop is one of the oldest in town. i once visited it probably around 1998/1999, buying some ring-binder for a journal project (yes, i made journals since then) and never visit the place again until last thursday. after spending the early morning at the gym (which was just across the street from the shop), i decided to re-visit the store to look for some PVA glue.

i didn't get the glue. but i did got some nostalgia. very interesting!

old notebooks with interesting graphics on the covers.

old postcards.

various old rubber-stamps.

am thinking what to do with these letters, numbers, and writing stickers. and look at the old-style desk-calender behind the display window! interesting!

brought home
stuff i brought home! can you see the glue? lol! i'm sure the shopkeeper must be very glad, having these finally out of the store :P