(nataya's fingers want to take part of the pic, haha)
anniversary dinner
anniversary dinneranniversary dinner
anniversary dinner
anniversary dinner



bento fever

ever since nataya goes to this pre-school, i have to wake up earlier every morning preparing snack for her to bring to school. i have attempted making cute bentos but most of them didn't turn too cute. they were just a mess and i didn't even want to take pictures of them :P

after many trials and errors for weeks, i decided to stop :P and since then nataya's bento looked just plain :))

then, i bumped into puan's giveaway blog-post. she was throwing a polling to choose the best logo for her new project: project obento. i have seen her (personal) bento projects for her children at her blog (and now on facebook, check this out!) and also her postings about bentos some time ago. i have seen them all right before nataya's new pre-school, which means right before the morning ritual of preparing snack-boxes. i really like all her creation, too cuute! they are all really inspiring :)

after participating her giveaway (and i luckily won it, teehee!), my spirit in making cute bentos for nataya came back ;-) plus the bento tools i won were very useful, just like i needed! thank you puan! :)

octopus with heart
trial & error (picture taken with mobile-phone camera)

bears? :))
not sure whether they are bears or cats :)) (picture taken with mobile-phone camera)

mickeysfirst try with one of the rice molds from the giveaway package

the giveaway package