another yoga video

uh-oh. these yoga videos are addictive!!! :)) after the migraine problem 2 days ago, today i'm having a bad neck pain. i think it's caused by my harden sleeping pillows :( i'm not quite sure, but i wake up this morning with a very bad pain in the (back) neck. though i went swimming today with nataya, hoping the pain would vanish by exercising, but it's still here awfully :( so, again i searched via youtube, and found this exercise on the video is quite effective for the neck pain. enjoy!

dealing with headache

2 days ago i had a very bad headache. i've tried to lay down hoping it would disappear, but it didn't :( i could try to take a pill, but didn't want to. then i searched via youtube on 'yoga for headache', and found these great series by an indian lady on healing migraine headaches with yoga. i practiced the 'healing hand mudra', 'wrist & head acupressure', 'boat pose' and 'yoga spinal twist' before going to bed. amazingly, i think it all works very well because i could lay down with no pain and wake up the next morning feeling fresh, no more headaches! :)

this is the 'healing hand mudra' video, one of the poses which i found very simple but perhaps very effective. there are other 16 videos showing on how to deal with migraine.

later on, i've found out (via google) that the indian lady is Vineeta Gogia, a yoga instructor / meditation therapist from Noida - India.