If I had more time..

I would like to:

  • Wake up earlier every morning,

  • Spend more time in the kitchen, trying new recipes, bake more cakes and cookies, make more fresh juices and salad, cook my own breakfast, lunch and dinner,

  • Go the gym more often. Attend either the Body Jam, Body Pump, Body Kick or the Yoga classes more often,

  • Read more books,

  • Create more accessories,

  • Watch those DVDs I've bought for a long time, but haven't got a chance to watch them,

  • Travel around to new places, both in and outside Jakarta.

Ah, I wish.. yeah, i wish I had much much much much more spare time.. Sigh.


  1. which gym do you go to? fitness first? waktu elo kemana aja sih, habis di kerjaan + pacaran + wedding prep? ;-)

    i think living in eindhoven right now is a luxury in its own way; my office is 15 mins walk from home, or 5 mins on bike, jadi setiap hari gue bisa bikin breakfast + dinner buat robert, bisa berenang sebelum ngantor, or hit the gym after work and still cook dinner afterwards with friends and watch a movie...

    maybe when we're in milan, it won't be as easy. :-(

  2. fitness first. tapi kayanya bentar lagi mau pindah ke clark hatch. fitness first kalau jam pulang kantor penuh banget, sucks.

    iya nih, hidup gue sehari-hari abis di kantor. how sad is that? berangkat jam 8an. jam kantor jam 9-18. iya kalau pulang tepat waktu, kalau lembur.. bisa nyampe rumah jam 21an. sampe rumah udah teler, tinggal bobo aja, boro-boro bikin dinner. paling-paling cuma ngangetin left-overs.

    buat gue, pulang cepet tuh langka banget deh.. iri saya denganmu.. hehe.. :P

  3. oh kita juga sama fitness first... they're great karena cabangnya dimana-mana dan we can use any FF branch when we are travelling :)

    gue ga selalu pulang cepet loh, ki... not like other people we know, we live a very mediterranean lifestyle in northern europe: ngantor siang, working later, eating even later at jam 20-22, sleeping around midnight... everyone else is like 9-5 :(