UK Specialities

And these are what i've got from the FoodSwap pool. I got these marvellous things from dopiaza. I've opened one of the choclate bars and the smoked almonds & cashews. Good they are! But I don't eat too many nuts, anykind of nuts, nowadays. So Sami and his parents finished eating them.

It's kinda fun and exciting doing food trading like this. But I need to spare some extra money for sending food outside Indonesia. Maybe we could do it not too often, maybe three times a year or so. Thanks to Asti for the lovely idea!

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  1. hehe, i am glad you are enjoying the food :)

    babab, mama tun dan sami seneng dong dikasih coklat dan kacang... :) ntar gue coba kirim ah ke kamu, dopiaza kirim pake regular mail ato semacam DHL/FedEx gitu? ibuku kirim kartu ultah ke mama ben, masa amplopnya dibuka segala, disangka ada duitnya kali?!