morning excitement. no. ALL DAY excitement.

omg. 4 days to go. wuhuuu. off course i'm excited. i can feel the butterflies are playing in my stomach. hehe. i never thought that it would be this fast. i mean, omg.. i'll be a wife this saturday. wuoa. hard hard to imagine.

today's my last day at the office. i'll be off for 15 days. and i still got many things to do now. in fact, we're already facing the january issue's deadline. i've got 3 more articles to be done while it's very hard for me to concentrate on doing those layouts, my mind seems to be already in bandung, watching my mother preparing the bridal room at my house.

i can't hardly wait for our honeymoon vacation! wisata kuliner and wisata tempo doeloe in Malang, then spending the sunny beach days in Bali and Lombok. wuhuuu. i've already took all of my day-offs, so we could have a loong looong vacation. i thought it would be perfect, no?

got to go now, see you guys at our wedding! :)


  1. oooooh all the excitement... i wish i could really be there! gue doain dari jauh aja yah, thanks for the invite... jangan lupa ntar foto2nya diupload ke flickr yaaaa... :)

  2. Maaf aku tak bisa datang ke weddingmu... tapi Congratz yaa... Akhirnya yg lo idam2kan terwujud juga.. :)

    Btw, honeymoon-nya kok banyak banget jalan2nya si? wakakakk.. *angkat2 alis..

  3. -yasmina: makasi doanya, dan makasi kadonya! duh, gue baru sempet OL sekarang! gila. kemarin-kemarin boro-boro gitu. sabar ya, update blog dan flickr satu per satu lah! ;)

    -virvir: huh. wish you were there :( tapi ga pa-pa.. cup cup..