comfort food

comfort food
nataya lost her appetite these days. i think it all started after we got back from the pediatrician, who prescribed some medicine for her to take. (she got fever since last wednesday + a bit cough, but now her temp is back to normal although she still got the cough + the runny nose) perhaps those medicines make her lost her willingness to have meals. and this really nerves me up. she even refused to eat this yummy cheesy dish which she usually never resists. oh well.. all she wants these days are cheese, only cheese, milk, and some biscuits. no rice, no no no..! she could refused everything i cook. sigh. and that really ruin my mood in cooking.  
so today i decided to make easy yet comforting food for myself. like this dish, baked pasta with melted mozzarella on top for lunch, and instant noodles with lotsa shredded cheese for dinner. (yup, i know not very healthy..)

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