tea party

table setting
invited the girls for a tea party yesterday afternoon at my place. unfortunately only 3 (including me) of 8 made it. while i prepared for at least 4-5 girls :) so in the end, we were really full having that many food ;) and they also managed to bring some home for their loved ones ;)

i did some baking and cooking with a little help of sami on the day before. sami helped with the cupcakes (using anna olson's recipe) and the chili garlic paste for the lumpiahs. i made the brownies with this recipe but i use less confectioners sugar on the frosting. and the strawberry frosting for the cupcakes was inspired by this. i didn't put any butter but cream, iced water and fresh blended strawberries instead. much lighter. both were good. the brownies was thick and chewy,  while the fresh strawberry frosting made the cupcakes a huge success ;)
sweets brownies and cupcakes
the lumpiah was a creation of sami and i some time ago, while the sandwich recipe was taken from this previous post.
savourieslumpiahs and sandwiches
i also made chocolate pudding (my mom's recipe) layered with milk-biscuits and vanilla custard to pour over (both the biscuits and custard doesn't shown on the pic).
cold cold dessert :) chocolate pudding


  1. your tea party looks so fun. The brownies look great too!

  2. hi veeda, thanks for stopping by! yes it was a blast ;) oh the brownies was goood ;)

  3. LAPERRRRRRRRRRRRR! gue buka blog lo tadi menjelang buka pulaaa

  4. hahaha untung menjelang buka, jadi bisa langsung bersantap :P

  5. oh my...how I wish I were invited *slurrpp* always love the tea cozy irony.

  6. kalau Dindie ke bandung lagi yaaa ;)

  7. ooooo I LOVE tea parties :D

  8. yeah Lia, very fun indeed ;)