sibebo's flowers

to wear on eid mubarak day :)

i ordered them to wear on the eid mubarak day. the stripe blossom is for me while the roses are for nataya. after a loooong journey, they were finally in my arms ;) not to worry, it wasn't sibebo's fault nor the courier's, it was purely the error receiver :))

nataya's looking pretty in the rose, but she wore it only in the morning, as soon as we arrived the family gathering's place, she put it off :( and gave it to mommy. (see picture on the previous post)

trial, the rose matches the milk :D
this was a day before eid mubarak day, doing the trial, she wore it long enough :) 

and these are our outfit on the day. how about it? does it look good on me? ;)


  1. aaaaa cantik sekali anak ituuuuu :"> makasi yaaaaa udah di posting :"> pinjem fotonya boleh yaa hehe..