happy birthday, you!

sami's birthday is actually on december 22, but we postponed celebrating it until he's in town on december 24 :) nataya and i had prepared a present for him, but nataya ruined the surprise by telling her dad (when we're greeting him on the phone on the D-day) what we had bought a day before. booohoooo! but cute at the same time. lol.

i didn't bake any cake, sorry! but i did managed to buy a slice of mille feuille from the strudels factory, his favorite ;)

the pic explains itself :)
the present ;)

yup that's the candle :))
yup, THAT's the candle!

um, what's inside?
"oh, what's inside?" -- fake expression :))

tiny birthday cake!
yummy cake ;) --ignore the tape ;)

family picture :P
of course, girl.. you can have it :))

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