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reflection inside the house on a lovely sunny afternoon

what?! when was the last post again? oh, i'm so neglecting this blog. pardon me :)

well, last january was suddenly a busy month for me. i started to market the k.e.d stationery through this blog. unexpectedly i got good response from people out there. many of them had purchased the 12-month-journal, thank you so much :)

i wasn't going to spread the words about the blog until it's really settled, but i haven't totally finished arranging it yet UNTIL now. so, what the heck. perhaps i could do the finishing in-between. meanwhile, hey, it's never too late to order a journal for this year. want one? ;)

i also take an order from a girl through amesh, who wanted some engraved pencils with pretty packagings for her wedding souvenirs. so there i was busy busy busy preparing those, which most of the project was done by myself with a little help from my dear mother and sami :) will talk about the souvenir later on a separated post ;)

and it was also the end of the semester, when we got busy at the campus calculating the final score of the students. and as a bonus, i got ill at the end of january. a very bad flu which involved a very bad muscles and joints pain and skin-rashes in the end. and also a light cough as a bonus. wow. and nataya joined me with her fever and sore-throat. ouch. what a complete package ;)

oh and one more thing, lately i've been laying my eyes on pinterest. come, follow me ;)

and another thing, i've been honored to share our cirebon trip at indohoy :)

hopefully i could do more posting, before february ends ;) oh, and by the way.. happy valentine's day!! --- oh so late :P

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