eid mubarak 1432 H

hope you all had a wonderful eid just like we did :) nataya and i were very delightful that we had sami for the whole week :) -- means good food, lol. we spent the last days of ramadhan in bandung, went to watch Kung Fu Panda 2, which nataya enjoyed very much. she could now appreciate long movies better and didn't ask to go off the theatre before it ended :)

fast breaking


baking before eid

fast breaking

we did our eid prayer at the mosque near my parents', then went to my parents' straight afterwards. my father wasn't in his best condition, but he could manage to go along with us visiting our relatives in the city. and then, in the afternoon, the three of us went to jakarta to meet sami's parents.

eid cookies

eid mubarak 1432 H

i didn't feel really good for a couple of days after too much eating ketupat and opor. too much cholesterol, i guess. blah. but feel better after consuming much fresh fruit and juice.

selamat idul fitri, everyone! may Allah bless us always. amen! :)

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