him: "i think He is going to pick me up soon.."
me: "you think so?"
him: (silent) "yes, very soon, i think.."
me: (silent) "oh, so you need to be ready whenever it is. and you need to be very very whole-hearted when it is the time.."
him: "are you?"
me: "i am. i am ready and whole-hearted at the same time.."
him: "really..?"
me: "i know, it would be scary and misterious, but.. after that all your pain will gone.. you won't feel the pain any more.."
him: (silent)
me: "you never thought that i would be this strong, rite?"
him: (smile)


that was a short conversation happened in my dream some nights ago. i didn't realize it until i got this bad news regarding my father's health today. i think i was reminded to be always strong and whole-hearted whatever happens. it was so vivid that i was really strong in that dream. hopefully i would be like that in the real life, amen.

i love you, dad.


  1. I realized you posted this a while ago. Hope your dad is getting better now *hugs*. I had one of those dreams a long while ago too (not exactly like yours but nevertheless I woke up sweating). Thankfully my dad is feeling better and better now.
    I know this will happen eventually in our life anyways, I'm still scared though. I hope I could be as strong as you in your dreams.

    1. hi! thank you, that means much *huggingback* so sorry I havent heard anything about your dad's health. but he's doing fine now, rite? off course im also scared & worried, but i have to convince myself that sooner/later the time will come, and i really need to be prepared for that :) hope you do, too! send prayers for our parents everytime, hopefully this would help ;) HUGS!