c'mon, bring us the good news!

owkay, owkay.. here's the good news..

so, i've done two tests with two different test-packs. and the results were both: POSITIVE! huray! huray! huray! :)

the first test
the first test-pack

the first one was on sunday night. i wasn't sure about the result as i was using a cheap test-pack. and then my friend told me that i should've used my first morning urine. oups! how amatuer am i!

the second test
the second test-pack

so the next day, i bought another test-pack, a more expensive one and also well-known as a very accurate one. the second test was on tuesday morning (yesterday morning). and the result was also positivo! yay!

so we went to the obstetrician at the nearest hospital last night. not the mention, we were both a bit nervous, acting and asking silly things while doing the registration, hahaha.. such a first-timer!

after waiting for about, umm.. 30 minuttes, we went into the doctor's room. after talking about my period and other stuff related to it, the obstetrician wanted me to have an ultrasound check. and yep, we found a tiny tiny tiny embryo in my uterus.

woa, i felt weird. there's a living thing in my belly!!! :o


  1. wow, guys, congrats ya... newlyweds, new parents... heheh...

  2. Congrats! Pasti sibuk ya?
    Nanti kalau sudah lahir pasti nggak sibuk lagi deh ;P