on a lazy sunday

yesterday, the first day of 2006, was such a lazy lazy day. we didn't do anything much. wakin' up almost noon, had brunch, watching tv while cuddling, then do some cooking, eating..

sami's mom cooked roasted chicken for lunch. we prepared the side dishes. sami made two kind of mashed potatoes: the plain one, and the one with spinach. i myself made potato salad. i was actually inspired by a flickr friend, but too bad we didn't have any bacon in the freezer, and we're just too lazy to go out to the groceries to get some. so i just substituted the bacon with beef corned. and we're also running out of spring onions, hehe.. so i didn't put any of those in my potato salad. but overall it was still delish though.. everybody loves it :)

after lunch, we decided to finish the long-long-long delayed task: sorting our wedding photos, which ones to be albumed, flickred, and printed. wuff. hard hard hard. because we got so so so many, i mean MANY, M.A.N.Y pics.. while little space in the photo-album. but no need to worry, since Asti had upgrated our flickr account into the pro one, we do have a lot more space there :) thanks to Asti!

meanwhile, enjoy our lazy sunday pics. the wedding pics? oups.. just stay tuned! :)


  1. watching tv while cuddling, then do some cooking, eating..

    senangnya marriage life ituh ;) jadi syiriiiik..huuu..doain ya supaya gue lancar2 aja dalam menusul kalian hehehe

  2. emangnya harus married dulu ya? ;D huahahaahaa

    btw, Ky, foto2 makanan lo selalu bikin gw laper!
    Eh kalo lo bosen jd graphic designer, lo bisa kali jadi fotografer khusus makanan, kayak bikin promo2 restoran dll gitu. Bisa freelance pula! Ya nggak, ya nggak, ya nggak?? *angkat2 alis*

  3. hey cozzy-wozzy, how r u? laper deh ngeliatin foto2 masakan kalian... sori akhir2 ini gue sibuk, ga merhatiin flickr + blogwalking lagi, dan makan pun diluar melulu karena kelas2 gue intensif bgt... see you soon, have a good weekend...