unique wedding invitation

i had received alfa and aldo's wedding invitation this morning. wow, such an unique one! it doesn’t look like an invitation though, more like a d-i-y toy kit. nice one! great job, you guys! i am sure they both had thought about this deeply and carefully.

once, alfa had written about her boss’ wedding invitation in her blog. she was impressed by its strong copy-writing though the design itself was not very special. perhaps that invitation had inspired alfa to create an unique one also. besides, art people always want something unique and different. the different, the better. being in the mainstream is such a BIG no-no. right, fa? ;)

the last time we met in jakarta (hmm, about 1,5 months ago) she told me that she doesn’t want a common wedding party with those traditional ceremonies. she said that hair-does with jasmine flowers is such a big no-no. hahaha, this is not so me, because i myself wanted my hair-do with those jasmine flowers. (and I had them for sure, hehe..)

i guess this invitation has indicates the upcoming unique party that she (and aldo, of course) really wants. wuhuuu, you go guys! good luck and lots of success! see you at your party! :)

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  1. walah..saya masup ke blog-mu. Senangnyaaa.. [^0^]/

    makasih..makasih.. senang bisa membuat org lain terhibur :P Being in the mainstream is a big no-no? ah jangan begitu... sehari2 gue biasa aja kok huihihihi...

    Angkyyyyy honeeey... bukan berati gue gak suka ama org yang pake kembang melati pas kawinan loooh. Ada org2 yg terlihat kece dgn sukses pake kebaya dan melati (and I am sure you're one of them walow gue belom liat poto2 kawinanmu..mana hayooo?). Kalo gue gak mau itu simply karena gue dan kebaya itu kurang berjodoh hehehe...

    Happy belated birthday yaaa..maap aku lupaaa... Dan jaga baik2 itu bayi dalam kandunganmu ;)