snack time

wendy's fastfood was popular in the mid 90s here (bandung & jakarta). their place on jalan dago was always full during meal times. but when the crisis hitted indonesia in 1998, they became very pricey. 2 outlets in bandung were closed (jalan dago & dalem kaum), while some were still open in jakarta.

my sister is a big fan of wendy's, she really loves their cheesesauce. there was a moment of time when she could ask me to bring wendy's from jakarta everytime i went back to bandung on weekends. (that was the time when i was still single and kicking, working as a graphic designer in jakarta)

last year, wendy's opened a place at braga citiwalk bandung. that must be good news to my sister. but, strangely, she rarely goes there now..

around 2 weeks ago, we had some afternoon snack there.

wendy's melt, my order. i think this one's new.

my sister's. baked potato and chilli.

waffle fries. all time favorite.

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