blogger in bahasa?

flowers at home


that’s my only reaction when i saw these flowers are blooming both at the frontgarden and the backgarden. i’m not a big fan of flowers, but having flowers in my garden is surely a good thing. don’t ask me their names, their family and others, because i don’t know ­— one proof that i’m not a fan :P

anyway, i’m back. after neglacting this journal for years. i hope i could write regularly again now. there’s no reason i may absent writing. well, nataya is now a toddler (not a baby anymore). she is more independent now — i don’t have to be at her side every second, every minute now. plus we have an internet connection now at home, so i could be connected 24 hours a day, i don’t need to go to places with free wi-fi. (but one problem occurs nowadays, the connection becomes S L O W at mid-days since this beginning of this ramadhan, and that makes me a bit upset. meanwhile the connection at nights is ok)

don’t you think i should re-layout this journal? maybe i should start with the blogskin first :)

btw, i've just known that blogger is now in bahasa. how coool!

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