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our internet went down for the last 3 days. i've complained to the administrator since monday but nothing good happened. upset? yes, but i wasn't really in a good mood for being bitchy in complaining. besides i spent the last 3 days mostly not at home (hehe), so it didn't really affect me much. 

yesterday morning, my colleague texted me that she had emailed me some new updates and new edited texts for a project. made me nervous because the internet was still off since the night before. so that made me became bitchy as hell complaining the administrator by phone. then suddenly the internet became normal this evening right before taking nataya to bed.

gosh. why should i became bitchy first to make them work? grrrr..

well, the good thing is, let's say it's a rehearsal for the Digital Detox Week on 20-26 April 2010. going to participate? read also this article, in bahasa indonesia or the original one in english.

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