Blue Room part 1

Since I'm going to leave my Auntie's house very soon, I decided to take more pictures of the house, especially my room, the Blue Room. I've been staying at my Auntie's for the last 4 years, after graduating university and got my first job here in Jakarta. So this room is quite historical for me.

My room used to be one of the guest-rooms (there were several empty bedrooms, function as guest-rooms) with a king-sized bed, a medium-sized cupboard filled with don't-know-whose stuffs, empty dirty white walls, and a small beauty station with a mirror.

My Auntie told me to decorate it so I would feel more comfortable staying in that room. I decided to paint 2 side of the walls into navy blue, and the others into bright white. I moved out the king-sized bed, and changed the bed into a single mattress instead. I feel more comfortable sleeping on a single mattress with no bed. I emptied the cupboard and changed it into my fashion cabinet. Then I decorated the beauty station's mirror with lots of pictures of my friends and family.

My Auntie bought me a TV while my Dad bought me a DVD player (hihiey!). And later on I bought a new stereo speaker to complete the small home (or room?) theatre. I also brought my PC station. So I could work at home. But the PC is getting old and works very slowly now. So now I'm thinking of buying a new computer. And I've been eyeing for a 12" powerbook! :D

Anyways, my stuffs keep on growing and growing from time to time. My room became messy for quite a time. But that was not quite long after I bought two extra cabinets to store my goodies: beads, accessories (I'm an accessories freak!), books, magazines, CDs and DVDs.

I love this room so much because it is such a comfy place to chill out after work or on weekends. There are so many things I could do in this room: watching DVDs and mini-series at StarWorldTV and Discovery Travel & Living, listening to CDs, working, drawing, making accessories, writing, and reading while drinking a cup of hot tea or chocolate. And I surely will miss the view to the green field in front of my Auntie's house, where some boys usually play soccer in the afternoons.

Ow I will miss this room :'(

These are some stuffs from the Blue Room, could you guess what they are?


  1. awww, your room sounds so so cozy. sejak gue tinggal sama robert, gue kangen sama old bedroom gue.

    kamu dan mas sami nanti rencana mau tinggal dimana sih?

  2. monsterijo12/7/05 5:49 PM

    kamarnya malah ga kelihatan...
    close up semua.. biar kalo berantakan ga keliatan ya? hehehe

  3. yasmina: nah, itu. kayanya klo nanti pindah, bakal kangen sama kamar sendiri gitu, hehe.. soal nanti bakal tinggal di mana.. mmm.. di eindhoven! hehehe.. kidding.. :P

    monsterijo: bhuahahaha.. ho-oh!

  4. iyaaaa, pindah kesini aja ki, biar kita bisa masak bareng.... eh akhir taun ini gue dan robert mau pindah ke itali, ke milano, lebih asik lagi tuh makanannya... :-)

  5. yasmina: wah, serunya pindah ke milano! italian food! yum! :P~