Shoe Search

Last weekend Sami and I went to this mall which was crowded like hell. I didn't enjoy the window-shopping very much, but oh well, nevermind, we must stuck to the wedding preparation time schedule. We still got many things to do while we didn't have much spare-time for the preparation, because we could only manage doing this on weekends.

One of our misions yesterday is looking for a pair of nice shoes and a matching bag. These items were a part of the 7 Seserahan packages, gifts given by the groom's family to the bride before the wedding ceremony. In our case, the Seserahan will be given on the engagement party, next mid-September. This is one of the rituals in a Sundanese and/or Javanese traditional weddings, symbolizes the groom's capability in supporting his wife's needs. Seserahan usually consists of 7 packages which are jewelries, wearables (clothes, shoes and bag), praying equipments (veil and mat), bed equipments (bedcover, bedsheet & pillowcases), a complete set of makeup, a complete set of toiletries, and edibles (fruit, etc). Nowadays, the bride tobe got a change to choose some of those items based on her own sense and personality.

Anyway, back to the shoe search. There were several shoe stores in that mall, but all of them are crowded. *sigh* My eyes made a quick browse through the aisles every time I jumped into a store. Once I found somethin' nice, I grabbed it, tried them on, then checked on the price tag. But none fitted me, except these Nine West pump. I love that shoe very much because of the vintage look. Too bad, just toooo bad.. the 6.5M nor the 7M size was sold out! Oh, gosh. Not only from that store, but from the whole stores in Jakarta. *sigh* So, I ended up with a pretty light purple kitten heels pointy pumps from Charles & Keith. But our mission wasn't complete yet, because we still couldn't find the matching bag. Dudududu..


  1. duh senengnya yg shopping buat seserahan... :)

    gue dulu ga kepikiran utk seserahan sih, last minute bgt, 4 hari sebelum wedding baru bikin keputusan utk seserahan.

    kamu bikin kebaya dimana, ki? udah nemu bahannya? pasang dong pasang di flickr.

  2. seneng, sekaligus pusing, hehe.. karena banyak yang harus dicari :P

    kebaya bikin di Bandung. mau liat? nanti aja dehhh pas hari H.. hehe.. it should be a surprise, no? :D

  3. bahannya bukan kebayanya, huahahaha...

    i'm obsessed with material gara2 project yg kemaren gue kerjain banyak tekstilnya, hehehe :-)

  4. ooo bahannyaaa.., hehe..
    udah jadi kebaya sekarang sih.. lagi dipayet :D
    btw jatah flickr gue bulan ini udah abis!

  5. eh, ayo ayo ini bulan baru, mana update-an flickr-nya :)

    p.s. elo mau movable type account sama server gue ngga?

  6. ihh yg hitam putih aja lagiii... hahaha, pink nya agak butek githuu.. lagian hitam putih kan lb gampang mix n match nya 'ki!

  7. hahaha, thanks fur the advice yacinta! :D