Blue Room part 2

And this is the view from the Blue Room's balcony. This field is usually occupied with guys playing football in the afternoons or on Sunday mornings. I don't know exactly where these guys are coming from. Actually, I don't really care. Hehe.
I just notice the lovely green field which is now very rare in Jakarta. I just hope this field would remain forever and noone would have a "bright" idea bulding a "beautiful" house nor malls up there. So these guys or perhaps their future kids could still play there happily ever after :D


  1. wah asik pemandangannya... jarang tuh di jkt... dimana sih emangnya tempat tinggal elo? dulu mas sami pernah bilang tapi kok gue lupa... oh ya, ki, ntar gue posting foto2 duck king kita di flickr ya, hehe... blackmail photos ceritanya nih...

  2. Rumah Tante gue itu di Tebet. Iya beruntung banget pemandangannya seperti itu. Eh iya, ta' tunggu yo foto-foto Duck King-é! :D